Introducing: Cuddle Fairy on YouTube

You may have noticed videos included in my past few blog posts. I started Cuddle Fairy’s YouTube channel last year but had very little on it – just a few quick videos taken on my iPhone without being edited at all. I collaborated with Filmora & created my very first video using their software about the Boots Maternity & Infant Awards. Well, since I made that video, I have been hooked & have made a few more.

So far my channel has videos about our days out & reviews / unboxings. I plan to add a lot more & just recently added a section about Life in the beautiful West of Ireland where I live.

I really enjoy making videos now & I’m getting faster at it too which is great! My videos had me behind the camera only. But when I wanted to make my channel trailer, I wanted to feature on it so it’d be personal. I was a nervous wreck but did it! I plan to speak to the camera more now.

I’m going to be making more videos for YouTube in the new year. I’ll also be trying out Facebook live & I’ve started speaking to snapchat (cuddlefairy1). It’s nerve wracking but the only way to do it is to start, right?

Check out Cuddle Fairy’s channel trailer here & see my speak to the camera for the first time…

So, what do you think of Cuddle Fairy’s channel?

Subscribe to Cuddle Fairy on YouTube for more positive videos! x

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