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Is Your Website Making The Right First Impression?

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We rarely get a second chance in life to make a good impression, so in all aspects of your business, you need to get it right the first time. Such aspects include your customer service, your social media output, and your website which is, of course, the virtual face of your business. 

You need to create a good first impression because, no matter how good your product or service is, you need to keep in mind all of those competing businesses who will be trying to attract customers with a better site than yours. This is a battle that has long been fought on the high street, hence the large number of stores with signs that light up and extravagant window displays, as they are all fighting for customers. You need to follow their example, and here are a few tips to help you do just that to ensure you get the traffic you deserve. 

#1: Focus on the design

A bland-looking website is not going to draw people’s attention, and neither is a site that is overly-cluttered, ugly to look at, and with pieces of text that are virtually unreadable. The design of your website matters, because people might associate the quality of your website exterior with the quality of what you are selling. Make sure to add fancy graphic design and a stunning landing page video on your homepage.

To get a handle on what a good website should look like, take note of the latest in website design trends. These will give you some inspiration, although you should always remember that the aesthetic you choose needs to be in sync with the nature of your business and your branding image. This is one area where you might need to spend money in your business, so consider getting in touch with a website design professional.

#2: Make sure your website loads quickly

If your web pages take an age to load, you can’t expect people to stick around for long. According to Hobo-Web, the average load time should be 1-2 seconds, with 4 seconds being the maximum. If your website is slower than these times, you might incur a high level of abandonment. There are a number of reasons why websites run slowly, including unoptimised images, too many ads, and an inefficient hosting system. Check this website guide for more reasons why, and take note of the solutions given.

#3: Ensure your website runs correctly

If your website is broken in any way, you aren’t going to create a good first impression. Links that don’t work, videos that refuse to play, pages that don’t load, and constant crashes, are all signs that your website isn’t working properly. You need to get a handle on any problems quickly to ensure your customers don’t leave your site. A website testing checklist should always be adhered to before going live, so follow the link to learn more. If you encounter any problems, seek help from a website professional or get on top of them yourself if you have the technical know-how.

You have worked hard to create your business, so don’t let your website derail your dreams of success. By ensuring it gives the right first impression to your visiting customers, you should make more sales. Consider our suggestions then, and if you need to make changes, do so quickly for the sake of your business.

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