Keep Your Family Happy During Lockdown

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Lockdown has been tough on everyone across the world. Covid-19 had swept a path of destruction which has not only ended countless lives, but also changed them. People have been stuck inside, unable to pursue hobbies and see friends and family.

This can lead to low moods and for some even depression. You have to look after yourself of course, but when you’ve got a young family their needs might come first. The key thing to remember is that you can keep everyone happy including yourself. You’re important too.

When you’re stuck at home the novelty wears off pretty fast. It’s important to remember that everyone is different. People are incredibly unique, and you will need a bespoke approach to ensure people are happy. These are some generic tips to get you started. Only you will know how to funnel these and make them more suitable to those that matter most to you.

Get DIY Happy

When you’re stuck at home there’s never been a better time to get stuck into some DIY. If you can get your family involved you’ll kill some time for everyone while making vital home improvements. It might sound expensive, but check for money off.

One of the easiest elements of DIY to complete is that of painting. Just make sure if you have young children they’re careful. You can focus on the garden instead if you want. Jet wash the patio, paint the french, build a small area for birds so that they can eat. Whatever project you begin, remember to involve everyone.

Kids can be hard to get involved with this kind of thing. Get around this by focusing on their bedrooms and letting them have a say. That way you’ll get more engagement.

Let Them Pursue Their Hobbies

Keep these in mind and ensure there is a balanced approach so people can all enjoy what they loved. One of your children might enjoy playing on their game console, while the other might like watching TV shows. They can’t do both at the same time. If you only have one TV be sure to keep it fair.

Try to get involved in the different hobbies out there and pull your family with you. Maybe there’s a game you can all play together. Maybe there’s a new show you can all watch as one. Give people the time they need or want, otherwise people will get annoyed and angry. It can be tough to fit everyone’s likes in, but it is certainly doable.

Get Into An Exercise Routine

Keeping fit is incredibly important for you and your family. If you can do this together, you can find a great way to keep fit and spend some time together. Some might not like it, which is why finding a key routine is incredibly important. Do it at the same time each day, but mix up what you do.

Regular exercise is especially important for growing children. During the lockdown, being active will offer emotional and cognitive benefits to your child. To make exercising with your kids fun, you can engage in fun physical activities like dancing, yoga, jumping the rope, or balancing on one foot. You can also get them a trampoline for kids to help them naturally release endorphins.

You might want to go out for a simple walk. Or, you could instead focus on a YouTube workout video. There are thousands of options for any skill level, and some done by top celebrities to keep your kids interested. You might want to go out for a bike ride instead.

There are a lot of different things you can do but try to keep it consistent at the same time each day so that everyone knows what to expect and is engaged. Again, it’s another way you can spend time together as a family.

Keep Up With Family And Friends

Seeing other faces you know is a great break from the norm in these strange times. You need to ensure you regularly use Facetime or something similar to catch up with family, so your children see familiar faces which make them happy. This is all the more important for the younger children.

You can do the same with their friends by arranging appropriate times for a catch-up. Your children will likely do this themselves over Facebook and maybe over their games console if they like to play it. You can make it fun with quiz nights or other games to play.

A simple phone call will do every now and then. Keeping a semblance of normality by seeing normal faces works wonders for everyone, it can just be hard to keep this going if you’re extremely busy, so maybe try to book things in a week or so in advance. This becomes even more important if you have a large family and you want to stay in touch with all of them.

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