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KidiCom Max Review & Black Friday Discount for Very from vouchercloud

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Since I am from NY I have grown up celebrating Thanksgiving and enjoy the amazing sales on the day after for Black Friday. It’s really fun to see the shopping tradition has spread to the UK & Ireland with fabulous savings up for grabs this week.

With a little careful planning, you can save so much Christmas shopping money on Black Friday deals and vouchers! That’s why I’m really excited to have teamed up with vouchercloud & Very this holiday season! has a huge offering of top toys for Black Friday this year. Thanks to vouchercloud, I have an AMAZING discount for you guys to use so you can stock up for Christmas and save money!!

Use the code CuddleVery10 to get to get £10 off a £50 spend at Very!! It’s good until Monday 26 November 2018.

Vtech KidiCom Max

We got to pick a toy from the awesome selection at Very UK and we choose the VTech KidiCom Max. This is the ultimate handheld smart device for kids. It uses wifi, includes an e-book, music, videos & games. Kids can also safely browse the internet and watch their favourite cartoons.

It’s super easy to use & like other VTech products we own, it’s well made and sturdy. Little Miss was thrilled to unbox this toy!!

VTech KidiCom Max Product Details:

– Exchange messages with family and friends and take photos & videos

– Large 5-inch touchscreen with 8GB of memory

– Built-in rechargeable battery

– 2.0 MP rotatable camera

– Play a variety of games, safely browse the internet, listen to music and watch favourite cartoons

– Includes great built-in games, learning and creative apps with many more to download!

– Dimensions: 9.7L x 17.8W x 19H cm

vouchercloud black friday deal

Set Up

Included in the box are the KidiCom Max, a charging cord, USB cable, and a quick start guide. Set up was simple and there the quick start-up guide is very easy to follow. You start off by charging, then when it’s fully charged the device updates itself.

You can personalize the screen saver and wallpaper as well as add your child’s name and photo. It comes with 6 games and 2 free games from the app store. As well as an e-book, a creative app & much more.

They have made the home screen resemble an adult smartphone with ringtones, a clock, a calendar & notes as you can see below. That is very important to little people – this is a real phone and it looks real too! You can also notice the camera below, it rotates so you can take selfies or rotate the camera to the back and take a standard photo.

kidicom max homescreen

Our Thoughts

My daughter (who is 5) particularly loves the KidiConnect app which lets her send me messages, stickers, drawings & photos to her family. As the parent, I approve & set up all connections between my daughter and family members. It’s a closed network that you can’t join without an invitation & approval from me.

We have a family group chat. Her brothers have both downloaded the KidiConnect app to their tablets and I have it on my phone. So we have a little group chat which was really lovely when I was away last weekend. In addition to text you can also send stickers, drawings, photos and voice memos. So my daughter who can’t type out words yet had many other wonderful ways to communicate in the group.

Another one of her favourite things so far is the drawing app. There are lovely stamps and designs you can use as well as freestyle drawing by hand. See one of her beautiful designs…

kidicom max drawing app

With the games, they give you the choice of levels and asks the child if they’d like to move up to something harder. My daughter considers if the activity was hard enough or if she’s ready for more of a challenge before deciding. In that way the games can suit a wide range of ages and abilities.

vouchercloud black friday deal

vouchercloud black friday deal

Final Thoughts

Little Miss is well impressed with her new smart device from VTech! The KidiCom Max is easy and safe for kids to use & well made too. It’d make a really love Christmas gift. And, it’s on sale for Black Friday over on Very!

Check out all of the amazing offers on and use the vouchercloud code CuddleVery10 to get to get £10 off a £50 spend at Very!! It’s good until Monday 26 November 2018. Click for the full details & to use the code. Happy Shopping!!!

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