Let’s recognize other types of love this Valentine’s Day

As we approach Valentine’s Day 2017, I can’t help but think about love & what the day means. Valentine’s Day promotes the love of a couple but there are so many other types of love out there that is equally as important & uplighting for us.

If you read last year’s Valentine’s Day post, you might remember that it’s not a holiday we celebrate in my house. But that didn’t stop me from sharing lovey quotes & a few humorous ones too. lol

This year I want to highlight the other love in our lives that don’t get recognized on Valentine’s Day. The love of a child, a parent, grandparent or best friend can be affirming & make us feel happy. This love should be celebrated equally as much as the love between partners.

Another important love that’s often forgotten about is the love of yourself. That is the foundation of love. It can often be lost or never built in the first place so it’s an important love to recognize & work on. And it’s important to encourage self-love in children.


first love yourself fly quote

I recently heard the f.l.y. quote above & I think it’s amazing! You have to fly before you can soar. What a great mental image to explain the importance of self-love. It’s similar to walking before running. The first step to success & to truly loving others is loving yourself. Read more about self-love.

We are all loved unconditionally, just the way we are – whether we know it or not & whether we recognize it or not, God loves us all.

God loves me every day.

red heart

God doesn’t love a future version of you, He loves you.

So on this Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate all of the love in our lives! Whether it be the love of a parent, child, sibling, God or the love of yourself, let’s embrace & recognize that love.

As the featured quote says, the good things in life are better with you. I’d love to hear who that person is in your life that makes the fun things even better! Let me know in the comments x

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