Lonely Planet Books for Kids – a review

*This post is in collaboration with Lonely Planet Kids

I’ve always associated Lonely Planet with fabulous travel tips and inspiration. I’m excited to learn that they also have a Lonely Planet Kids website with a range of exciting books!

Lonely Planet Kids website combines the amazing facts you expect from Lonely Planet along with some cool books, activities & videos geared towards kids.

Lonely Planet Kids books have eye-catching imagery to ignite children’s curiosity. Lonely Planet uses their team of global travel experts to help create special books that inspire children to learn about our planet without realizing they are learning.

Lonely Planet Kids Books

We were sent these three books from Lonely Planet Kids to enjoy. All three books have beautiful graphics. Each page is packed full of design, facts and colourful imagery. It’s truly exciting to turn each page. Have a look inside our new books…

The Animal Book

Lonely Planet Kids Books animals

The Animal Book is divided out by continent to teach children where different animals live in the world. Every page is colourful and exciting like this one!

How Animals Build

Lonely Planet Kids Books animals build

Lonely Planet Kids Books animals build expanded

How Animals Build is highly interactive. Every page has colourful and interesting animals and facts. There are expanding pages, like the one above, that open up and flaps that flip open to reveal more animals and facts inside.

Washington DC City Trails

Lonely Planet Kids Books washington dc city trails

Just like the other two Lonely Planet Kids Books we received, Washington DC City Trails is also packed full of fun facts and cool illustrations.

The Kids Thoughts

Lonely Planet Kids Books kids reading

All three of my kiddies, aged 4, 8 & 10 have enjoyed these books. Ironically they each have a different favourite Lonely Planet Kids book. Our oldest is drawn to the cool facts and graphics in the Washington DC book. Our youngest little lady is obsessed with flipping the pages and flaps in the How Animals Build book. And our 8-year-old son is telling us facts he has learned about his favourite animal, the wolf, in The Animal Book.

The Lonely Planet Kids books get two thumbs up from us. The colourful and fun imagery has captivated all four of us. I really love that these books teach without feeling like you are learning! Just reading for fun. 🙂

There’s an offer on for 30% off your purchase when you sign up for the Lonely Planet Kids Newsletter.

Do you enjoy reading books in your house?

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