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Lovely Thing Linky 1

I am linking up with Laura from Laura’s Lovely Blog. She has a wonderful new monthly linky where you share something lovely that made our life happier that month. You can read her post about her lovely March flowers & bag here.

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My first lovely thing this month are my new shoes! I adore them. They are so unbelievably comfortable. I bought them to wear on holidays this summer. I changed into them at a family wedding when I couldn’t take my heels anymore & I found them exceptionally lovely!

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My second lovely thing are the trophies my sons won at indoor soccer. Every Friday they attended & absolutely loved every minute. They ended up playing against each other in the final. My younger son’s team won. They both received such impressive trophies. They mean the world to them and it was so lovely to see them proud & happy.

Thank you for including me Laura! I will have more lovely things next month.

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