Make the Perfect Omelet

For years, I would struggle with making omelets – they never came out great.  Then I discovered how to make the perfect omelet! It’s all about technique.  I used to make one big omelet & divide it out for everyone.  That’s a big no no!  Here’s what I do now & my omelets come out delicious!


1 – 2 eggs per person.

Fillings of your choice! The world is your oyster here.  We love combinations of grated cheddar cheese, ham, sauteed onion & mushrooms, scallions & tomatoes.


*  The key to making a perfect omelet is in the technique. *

1.  You need to make each omelet individually in a small frying pan.  My pan is 8″ in diameter across the top.

2.  Crack 1 – 2 eggs in a cereal bowl (we use 1 for kids & 2 for adults).

3.  Briefly whisk the egg with a fork – don’t over do it.

4.  Add your fillings into the egg & mix together.

5.  Get the frying pan piping hot with some oil coating the bottom.

6.  Pour your omelet mixture onto the pan.

7.  After two minutes, place a fork under one side of the omelet & lift up allowing the egg from on top to run underneath to the pan.  Then lift the opposite side of the omelet & allow more egg to run down to the pan.

make the perfect omelet 1

8.  After another two minutes, or when the egg has gotten crispy at the bottom & mostly cooked on top, turn the omelet in half.  I wait less than a minute at this stage then remove the omelet.  (Please forgive the state of my pan, this was the 4th omelet made).

make the perfect omelet 2

It takes longer to make 4 separate omelets but they come out so nice, it’s worth the extra effort. Plus, everyone gets to choose their own fillings!  I prepare two bowls at a time with eggs & fillings of choice.  I cook my omelet last so I can enjoy it.  Do you have a favorite omelet filling or any tips to add?

make the perfect omelet


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