Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

Our two boys love Minecraft. Our oldest recently turned 9 & requested a Minecraft birthday party. We love to get creative with things we have around the house or things that are easy to get. We came up with some fun games & put together a Minecraft party for his friends. He invited the whole class this year so I wanted to be sure the girls would enjoy the party as well.

The only thing that took a bit of time was making the Minecraft Board Game. The other games didn’t take much time or effort. The Minecraft Board game was a big hit & lots of fun so it was well worth the time creating it & also we really enjoyed making it!

Our Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

We started the party off with limbo – it has nothing to do with Minecraft but I find it’s a good way to loosen everyone up & get everyone laughing. After limbo, we announced that this was a Minecraft birthday party & that we would be playing Minecraft games. The kids cheered!

The first Minecraft game up was Pin the sword on Steve. It’s exactly the same rules as pin the tail on the donkey only with a Minecraft Steve & sword. My now 9-year-old son drew Steve & the sword on old cereal boxes – our favorite material to create with! I put some blue tac on the base of the sword so it would stick. We used one of my scarves as a blindfold.

our minecraft birthday party

Next, we played Creeper Creeper Steve which as you guessed it has the same rules as duck duck goose. After a few turns, we had everyone who hadn’t been chosen yet, raise their hand so the next person up could pick someone new. This kept it as fair as possible.

The highlight of the party was the Minecraft Treasure Hunt. I’ve put together treasure hunts for every birthday party we have at home & we also have them at Easter. You can read about how to create a fun treasure hunt on my Easter Treasure Hunt post. The same idea applies to birthday parties.

In a nutshell, I gave the children a clue. They read it & had to figure out what the clue meant. The answer lead them to a location where they looked for the next clue. There were six clues in total until they found the treasure chest hidden in the garage behind a skateboard. The chest was a paper box covered in brown paper with black lock drawn on it to look like a Minecraft chest. We bought & wrapped a Minecraft toy for each child to act as the treasure. This was their treat to bring home instead of a bag of sweets.

After the treasure hunt was over, we gathered around the kitchen table & played the Minecraft Board Game we had made. Each child used the toy they just received as treasure to play the game. In fairness, the game runs much smoother with around 5 players but they really enjoyed it & my 3-year-old won! She was delighted with herself.

our minecraft birthday party

While the children were busy playing the Minecraft game, I cooked up the party food & they ate when the Minecraft board game was over. After cake, the boys played football & the girls pet our sheepdog, Mia.

I think everyone really enjoyed the organized games. If we didn’t have them I’m sure the boys would have played football the whole time. So I’m counting it as a success!

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

Do your kids enjoy Minecraft? Would you consider throwing a Minecraft birthday party? Check out our instructions on how to make your own Minecraft board game.

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