Mum – Keeper of the Sweets

Somedays I find parenting to be an emotional roller coaster. A mix of feelings & emotions. Full of highs, lows & shock horror moments. I could feel proud, disappointed, shocked, annoyed, delighted, drained of patience & full of love – all in one day!! Some days are there to test our patience as parents. Sometimes I pass the test & other times I fail miserably.

I had one of those testing days recently over mid-term break. We were home all day & the kids were constantly wanting something or had a question to ask. Like, what are we having for dinner (at 9am). I was drained of patience before lunch.

The oldest came in asking for sweets around 11am. I said no, it was too early in the day & if he ate all his dinner he can have a treat after dinner time. This is what I say every day if they ask for sweets – so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

Two minutes later the middle child comes in with the same question. I gave the same answer.