My baby is growing up!!

*collaborative post

My baby is turning 4 in February. So technically she hasn’t been a baby for awhile now. But, she IS my baby, the littlest of my three & last baby we will be having. So in that way, she will forever be my baby.

I wrote a post about my feelings when she turned 3, blink & it’s over. When she was turning 3 I realized that she had hit all of the baby milestones! She was toilet trained, in her big girl bed, had all of her teeth & was quite self-sufficient with eating & playing. I’d never go through these baby experiences again & that made me sad.

It was emotional for me to come to this realization & to accept it, but I did. I began to look at her as a little girl & be delighted with all she can do now. She plays with her two big brothers & keeps up with them so well. They are a real little gang of three now.

We had lots of fun adventures over Christmas holidays. We were out & about, played games & thoroughly enjoyed easy-going days. Here they are looking at the beautiful creche in town. Our daughter received this lovely red girls coat from Mayoral, just in time for Christmas!

mayoral girls coat

Our daughter loves to dress up in one of her “party dresses” so the new red coat is perfect for her. She wore it to all of the Christmas parties we went to & to mass. Unlike her brothers who I have to force to wear boys polo shirts. They’d happily live in track suits forever! Take a look at the beautiful details of her new coat from Mayoral up close…

mayoral girls red coat

Our daughter looks so grown up & beautiful in her new coat. It drives home the fact that she will be four so soon! And that bit older & more grown up.

Her favourite new things to say are: “I don’t love this” & “little girls don’t love this.” She usually starts with the “I don’t love this” when she’s unhappy about an item on her dinner plate. When I suggest she try it or remind her that it’s something she actually eats, she replies with the “little girls don’t love this.” In her mind that the end of the conversation. Really & truly Mommy should know that little girls don’t eat this & shouldn’t be trying to feed it to one! I mean, come on!

She has a few diva tendencies & has been known to boss her older brothers around. But at the end of the day, the three of them are wonderful friends. And the older she gets, the better their games are together & the better they communicate with each other.

My baby is growing up so fast! And will be four so soon & is a real little lady now in her stunning new coat. I feel so blessed to have her in my life, along with my two boys.

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