My baby is growing up!!

*collaborative post

My baby is turning 4 in February. So technically she hasn’t been a baby for awhile now. But, she IS my baby, the littlest of my three & last baby we will be having. So in that way, she will forever be my baby.

I wrote a post about my feelings when she turned 3, blink & it’s over. When she was turning 3 I realized that she had hit all of the baby milestones! She was toilet trained, in her big girl bed, had all of her teeth & was quite self-sufficient with eating & playing. I’d never go through these baby experiences again & that made me sad.

It was emotional for me to come to this realization & to accept it, but I did. I began to look at her as a little girl & be delighted with all she can do now. She plays with her two big brothers & keeps up with them so well. They are a real little gang of three now.