My Cuckoo Story

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When my grandfather entered retirement, he kept himself busy with art and also by repairing and refinishing beautiful clocks. He was very mechanically gifted and could even build new gears if a gear was missing from a clock. And with his artistic talent, he would paint beautiful images onto the faces of the clocks if need be.

He really enjoyed this new hobby so he would refurbish clocks to give as gifts. I have two cuckoo clocks that my grandfather gave me. They are each unique and have their own look to them. Both are well made and beautifully restored.

History of the Cuckoo Clock

In the years before 1630, time was kept with a sundial and an hourglass until the cuckoo clock was invented in Germany. The development of the cuckoo clock was believed to have occurred in southwestern Germany, in an area called the Black Forest. This was a huge improvement in keeping time.