My first car, a Chevrolet

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My Mom’s car when I was little was a 1970’s Chevrolet. I still remember going for drives in that car. It was huge (from my little self’s perspective) and so well made, as solid as they come. It was green, which was quite stylish in the 70’s and 80’s.

We’d head off for town as a family and it was always so exciting. There are so many wonderful family memories that started off with us loading into the car together, ready for an adventure.

Years later, that same Chevy became my car. It lasted so well through my childhood, that when I got my driver’s license, my parents gave me that car.

It was an epic event in my life, to be driving my childhood car. I’ll never forget the first day I drove it all by myself. I came home after taking my driving test and my parents gave me the keys to the car and I went off to pick up my friend. I was so nerve-wracked being honest. But also, I had this amazing sense of freedom and accomplishment. Like the whole world was open to me now!

The classic Chevrolet cars are so stylish and when I see them I am instantly brought back to my own childhood. For so many people, the ultimate dream car would have to be the Chevrolet Camaro, it’s just the coolest car. And it brings us back in time too.

The new Chevrolet cars continue to hold that same great style and sense of American dream car that they have always had.

The key to keeping your beautiful Chevrolet for years to come is to keep it serviced regularly. For Chevrolet, you get quality spare parts here EUSPARES.CO.UK.  Regular service and maintenance on your car makes the world of difference and helps the car not only perform to it’s best but also to stand the test of time.

My family’s Chevrolet became my car when I passed my driving license and I ended up bring it to college with me. I had that car for 4 years. It never let me down, always started when I turned the key and brought me and my friends on many adventures.

Do you remember your first car? Tell me about it in the comments.

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