My Week at a Glance 4

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The lovely sunny weather has continued this past week! It has such a positive influence on everyone’s mood. We had lots of fun playing outside. The top center photo is little daisy’s my 2-year-old daughter picked for me. She pulls two at a time and then runs into the house shouting “flower” (more like flo-w-ur) – it’s adorable! Then I say thank you and we have a hug and a kiss. She likes to repeat the same routine with every flower. It’s such a sweet and loving addition to my day.  Bottom right is our dog basking in the lovely sunshine.

Top left is my daughter peeling an orange. My husband showed her how to do it, then started taking off the peel of a second orange for her to try herself. She was able to take off all of the peel & separate the orange pieces. She would have sat peeling oranges all day!

Bottom left is a watch we made from a cereal box. We really enjoy being creative with cereal boxes, they are so versatile. I wrote a post last week about promoting creativity in children, where I featured some of our cereal box creations.

And, lastly we had lots of fun with Lego. After building two new cars, we had such a great game.

Thank you again to lovely Liz at Working Mummy & Wife for hosting me again. I’d love to hear highlights from your week.

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