My Week At A Glance 5

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This week I am joining Working Wife & Mummy in her My Week At A Glance Linky & What Katy Said in her Happy Days Linky! Thank you to both of you for hosting me!

We were out and about to visit a friend. It was a gorgeous sunny day for the drive, top right photo. Since then, the weather has changed. It’s cool and rainy now so we played indoor games over the weekend. The top left image was craft fun on Saturday. We made swords & telescopes & decorated them with twistables, crystals and ribbons. The kids had as much fun playing with them as making them!

I dried lots of laundry outside in the lovely weather and ended up with a mountain of it sitting on my kitchen chair. Instead of folding it, I had some me time Saturday night and enjoyed a glass of Merlot! The laundry was eventually folded on Sunday.

I received Grandma’s Poetry Book in the post last week and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I wrote my very first book review about it. You can read it here if you’d like.

Unfortunately with the change of weather, germs have arrived in our house. 2 of my 3 kids have runny noses and coughs. I was up a lot last night with my 2-year-old until I gave up & brought her into bed with me.

My favourite part of the week was making crafts with the kids. For next week, I’m hoping for good health and the return of sleep.

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