Promoting Creativity

child drawing

A creative mind is such a gift.  It enables you to look at the world in a special way. Promoting creativity in children doesn’t have to be hard work. You don’t have to buy kits or craft packs in order to make fun and innovate creations with your kids. Our favourite material to use is the cereal box. It is so versatile, and it’s heading to recycling anyway so it doesn’t cost anything! First, cut the cereal box so it opens out flat. Then, start cutting, drawing & creating.

My boys love to make cardboard smartphones. I trace my iPhone on the cardboard twice & cut out the two pieces. Then we glue the two pieces together so the shiny cereal box material is on the inside, leaving cardboard on the outside to draw on. The same technique works great to make a cardboard drivers licence. When your child is done creating, you can wrap clear tape around the outside to make it shiny like a real card/phone. Both are so easy to make and the kids get hours of fun with them.