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Quote of the Week 11

Welcome to my Quote of the Week!  This quote really resonates with me.  It makes me feel like it’s worth trying anything because failure is part of success.  Don’t ever feel bad for failing because the next attempt could be a success!

I watched an amazing video on Facebook called Famous Failures.  You might have seen it, I shared it on Cuddle Fairy’s Facebook feed.  The Video displays a written line about a person at their lowest moment, such as being fired or being told they won’t amount to anything.  Then the video reveals who the person is.  And, every one of them has achieved great success!  It’s very motivating & well worth watching if you haven’t seen it yet.

Remember, if you try & fail, you are in wonderful company.  Keep trying until you reach success!

My quote of the week is part of Candid Cuddles Quote Linky.  Check out other quotes & link up your own.


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