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Reading Eggs Review

*This is a collaborative post.

Reading Eggs is an online early learning resource that was created by expert educators with over 30 years of experience. The online games and activities are easy to follow, self-paced and highly engaging for young children. Reading Eggs makes learning to read fun and interesting for kids!

Within the Reading Eggs programme, there are various activities and lessons that teach reading and math as well as fun games and stories. The dashboard is bright, colourful and easy to navigate. Children earn eggs or seeds from doing work. Then they can spend their eggs or seeds to play games and enjoy activities.

Reading Eggs uses 5 essential keys to encourage reading success:

  1. The lessons motivate children by using colourful animation, fun characters, songs, and rewards.

  2. The programme encourages children to stay on task by being completely interactive.

  3. Children take a placement quiz when they start Reading Eggs to ensure they are placed at the right level.

  4. Parents can access detailed progress reports and download activity sheets that support their children’s lessons.

  5. The programme includes over 2,000 online books for kids.  Each book ends with a comprehension quiz that rates the child’s understanding.

reading eggs stages

graphic credit to Reading Eggs

My Kids’ Experience with Reading Eggs

My three kids are aged 10, 7 and 4. Clearly, they are at very different levels when it comes to reading and maths.  The two boys took placement tests and began at higher level lessons. Our daughter began at lesson one. All three of my kids have enjoyed and found value from the Reading Eggs programme.

They laugh at the cute characters that teach them. The younger programs have graphics suitable for little kids. The more advanced lessons change graphics to be appealing to older kids. So all three of my children are having totally custom experiences within the Reading Eggs programme.

They each have their own name listed on the dashboard. And once selected, they can go into their lessons beginning where they left off. Or they can spend their well-earned eggs or seeds to play some games. They thoroughly enjoy the driving tests and stories that break up the lessons.

I love that all three kids can use the programme at the same time on three different devices. It’s great that it’s unlimited use because there’s no fighting over who’s turn it is to use Reading Eggs next!

I took some screen shots during the kid’s lessons so you can see what a fun, colourful and interactive experience they have using the various programmes. And each kiddie gave a short testimonial about what they think of the Reading Eggs programmes…

My son, Age 10: I really like the games and bright colours. 

reading eggs 10 year old

My son, Age 7:  It’s not like school and it’s also fun! It’s like playing on your tablet. There are games after you do a lesson. 

reading eggs 7 year old

My daughter, Age 4:  I can do it my own way. The pictures are nice. It is good.

reading eggs 4 year old

Get a 4 Week Subscription for Free!!

I’m excited to spread the joy of summer learning with you! Reading Eggs are giving all new customers a special 4-week FREE trial!  Simply sign up with Reading Eggs using this link before 31 July.

reading eggs free 4 week trial

The Reading Eggs programmes make learning fun! The lessons are the perfect way to keep kids minds sharp and tuned into learning during summer holidays. Spending a half-hour a day on a few lessons has broken up long days at home. And the fact that all three kid can use it at once is a huge plus! Reading Eggs is a really lovely addition to our summer holidays.

Learn more about the different programmes and sign up for your free trial on the Reading Eggs Website.

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