ROXI from Electric Jukebox – Review & Giveaway

One of the things I really enjoy about my blog is getting to try brand new products to hit the market. We were sent a ROXI from Electric Jukebox to review. AND I have a ROXI (that’s worth £199) to giveaway to one of you lovely lot! Full giveaway details are at the bottom of this post.

ROXI is a new product for family entertainment & music enjoyment. ROXI is a five in one music entertainment system that provides music, quizzes, karaoke & more. It is compact and easy to use! The instructions are clear and easy to follow, which is a big plus for me. It comes in three colours – red, blue or charcoal.

In the box is a unit that plugs into the TV, a wireless remote and a few wires. The wireless remote doubles as a microphone. The remote automatically pairs with the TV and is motion controlled meaning that the pointer moves on the screen according to how you move the remote.

Set up was super easy. I just plugged the ROXI into the TV & into a socket. Then I selected the HDMI port ROXI is plugged into on my TV’s menu. And viola – she was alive! I didn’t have to enter details, create an account or password! Which I have to say was refreshing.


ROXI Features

Unlimited Music – The music on ROXI is ad-free with lots of songs to choose from including current songs that are on the radio now. Included with every ROXI is a one-year premium music pass. That kicks in automatically when you turn ROXI on, there’s no need to sign up. After the year is up, It can be renewed for £52 on the Electric Jukebox site.

Karaoke – The ROXI Sing With The Stars feature is a lot of fun. There are songs to choose from and the words are displayed on the screen along with the artist’s voice (so you aren’t singing alone). A little tip when you use the mic feature is to talk into the side where there’s a little light that shines, rather than from the top of the mic. It works much better that way.

Music Quiz – Name that tune plays a song and has four songs on the screen to choose from. You click the one you think is the right answer using the remote. This is the kids favorite part of ROXI, they are loving the quizes. My 8 and 10-year-olds could easily operate it themselves.

Radio – You can tune into radio stations from all over the world.

Relaxing Sounds – I love this feature. ROXI isn’t just music it has relaxing sounds that are ideal for meditation or having a few moments of mindfulness.

Our Thoughts

Navigating ROXI’s features is also very easy. The menus are self-explanatory and simple to understand. You can search for any song you want by simply saying the title or artist into the microphone remote.

The easy set up is a big plus for me as is the fact that the kids can work ROXI themselves. It’s intuitive and easy to use.

Excuse the poor quality of these photos, they aren’t great with the glare from the window off the TV, but I wanted to show you how simple the menus are on ROXI…


The top photo is of ROXI’s main menu, that’s what comes on when you turn ROXI on the TV. You can see the arrow from the remote pointing on “search”. I clicked “party” from the main menu & that opens the party menu which you can see in the bottom right photo. From that, I clicked “party playlist” and then selected the “Going Out” playlist which you can see on the bottom left.

It’s easy to navigate, clear and there are lots of fun & popular songs available to listen to and fun music games to play.

We love the party playlists and the music quizzes the best. I think they will be a real blast to play with family and friends over the Christmas holidays. There’s even a dinner party playlist which will come in handy. Afer a few minutes of music without any activity from the remove, ROXI continues to play the music but changes the display to a nice screen saver.

You can learn more about ROXI & her features over on the Electric Jukebox website.

Giveaway CLOSED

I’m excited to run a giveaway with Electric Jukebox. One lucky winner will get a ROXI in their choice of colour – Red, Blue or Charcoal.

To enter the giveaway, choose from the options below on the Gleam App. You may enter as many options as you like & some may be done daily. Full terms & conditions at the bottom of the post. Check out my other current giveaways on my Giveaways Post.

Terms & Conditions: The giveaway will close at 9pm GMT 20 December 2017. It is open to Residents of the UK & Ireland only. The winner will be selected at random via the Gleam app & contacted via email. The winner has two weeks to claim their prize. If the winner does not reply in that time, a new winner will be selected in their place. Must be 18 or older to enter. Electric Jukebox is responsible fulfillment. See full terms & conditions for giveaways on Cuddle Fairy Blog here.

Note: The blue ROXI in the feature image is courtesy of Electric Jukebox.

Disclosure: I was kindly sent a ROXI for review purposes; all opinions as always are my own.

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