Shopping Online with Lyst

With Christmas right around the corner, the eternal question will be asked by every woman standing in her closet – “what am I going to wear?!” Despite there being hangers full of clothing, when a night out comes up, magically there is nothing to wear. I like to buy something new for my Christmas nights out. I feel more confident about how I look in a new outfit & it solves the what am I going to wear dilemma.

This post is in collaboration with Lyst, a fashion website that makes online shopping so much fun. They have a huge directory of designer clothing, shoes, bags, accessories & jewelry for men & women all in one place. If you see something you’d like to buy, Lyst takes you to the items website to make the purchase.

The best part about Lyst is it allows you to fully customize your shopping experience by making your own lists or lysts if you will. Lyst makes it easy to shop by designer or item. When you find things you like, you simply click “+lyst it” to add it to one of your lysts. It makes creating a look so easy when you can see each item together in one place! Your lyst is saved so if you come back a few days later to make a purchase, all of the items you liked are there waiting for you in your lysts.