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Should I Encourage My Child to Learn an Instrument?

Most of us enjoy some form of music, and a lot of parents would love for their children to become a musical prodigy, but did you know that there are actually many benefits to your child learning an instrument other than the fact they can produce music? I have teamed up with a prep school in Woking to explore these benefits in detail below.

Music Supports Brain Development

There have been lots of studies into how learning an instrument can help a child with their overall mental development. The data shows that pupils who learn an instrument tend to perform better academically. This could be because musical training involves the left side of the brain which is associated with language processing and reasoning. What’s more, it can help children with their memory and numeracy comprehension.

Learning an Instrument Increases Discipline

If your child wants to become proficient in their chosen instrument, they will have to practise. This involves self-discipline and good time management skills, which are valuable to carry through life.

Music Can Improve Social Skills

You may think that learning an instrument is quite a solitary pursuit, but it can actually be quite a sociable activity. Not only does it give youngsters a talking point, but they might also want to join a band or ensemble where they can meet likeminded people who enjoy the same activity.

Learning an Instrument Can Help with University Applications

If your child wants to apply to universities when they’re older, having certain skills outside of their school commitments will help them with their applications. It’s great when a child can demonstrate that they have extra-curricular interests because it shows that they have various personal skills and a strong sense of identity.

Music Can Relieve Stress

Learning an instrument can be very therapeutic because it requires a child’s full attention, so they’re not focussing on the pressures of their school or social life. Essentially, it acts as a distraction which can calm the mind.

Playing an Instrument Helps with Motor Development

Playing an instrument, no matter what it is, helps children with their fine and gross motor skills. They must co-ordinate different motions with their hands at the same time, which will help them build strength.

Music Can Boost Self-Esteem

When a child develops skills in music and achieves their goals, they become increasingly more confident in their own abilities. This is especially true if they perform in front of others and receive praise and applause. There’s nothing quite as gratifying as building a new skill and being commended for it.

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