Some Fantastic Tips To Help Your Baby Through Teething

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They grow up so fast, don’t they? Your baby is now sprouting their first few teeth and this is a joyous occasion. However, it’s not without its challenges. Your baby will be in a little bit of pain and this can cause parents to become alarmed. There are some things like a rise in temperature which can give off false signals of something more serious. Parents are also quick to try and stop the pain but certain methods that might seem harmless, have the opposite effect. On the other hand, there are some very simple things you can do that will make the entire event of your baby growing his or her first teeth a lot less stressful.

Coolness helps

When your baby is sprouting teeth, his or her gums will become inflamed. A solid bone is trying to pierce through their soft gums and this can cause swelling to occur. Your baby will feel stressed and irritated but you can give him or her a damp cold cloth to chew on. The coolness of the cloth will counteract the inflamed gums and give your baby a way to localize the irritation. Rather than sticking fingers into the hole that is being made by the emerging tooth and potentially causing gum infection, a cold cloth will ‘itch’ the area and bring some soothing relief to the area.

Numbing the are?

Some parents might feel the need to use numbing gel to ease the pain. The baby might be crying and red in the face, causing parents to panic and use this method. However, numbing gels are for adults and teens only and it’s very easy for babies to overdose. It can lead to serious health implications as the numbing gel will have an anesthetic in the ingredients. Try not to use any kind of numbing gel and instead, use an ice cube on the area to slightly numb and cool the sensation of pain. 

Everyday relief

As your baby begins to sprout more teeth and eventually, his or her gums get used to it, they will need every relief in the form of the best baby teething toys. Try the teething toy kale, which is in the form of a ring, which allows the tiny gums of babies to wrap around a solid area and gain relief outside, on top and on the backside of their gums. It’s made from BPA free silicone and is dishwasher and sterilizer safe. If your baby would like something with a bit more volume, try the nibbling crown toy. With a bit more body to it, the toy can be squashed by the pressure of the bite, which is a more satisfying feeling for some babies.  

Freeze your food

Parents must understand that the irritation that teething presents to babies, will cause them to gnaw and bite down on things, more often. You could freeze some of your baby food onto a small wooden ice cream stick, and let your child chew away. Not only will they be getting their dinner but some relief from their teething pains.

Parents mustn’t become alarmed when their baby’s temperature rises during teething. It’s natural and it’s mostly because of inflamed gums. These methods will help soothe the pain and lessen the irritation. 

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