Spring Cooking with Jersey Royal New Potatoes

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I love this time of year when the flowers are blooming and the sweet smell of Spring is in the air! I stop making hearty dinners and switch to salads, fruits, and BBQ meats. It’s my favorite time of year for eating fresh and delicious foods.

We are big fans of potatoes in my house. We love to enjoy them year-round with roasts, salads, fish, and poultry. In the Spring we look forward to the arrival of new potatoes, they are the best, you simply can’t beat them!

Due to the Beast From The East & its cold weather conditions, Jersey Royals have been late to market this year. Happily, they are now available in Tesco!

Jersey Royal new potatoes typically signify the start of spring and are one of the most warmly anticipated seasonal new produce items in the calendar. Jersey Royals are generally only available for a limited period each year and have a heritage that dates back 140 years!!

I really love that Jersey Royals are still produced and harvested using many traditional practices such as planting the seed potatoes by hand, fertilizing the potatoes using seaweed harvested from Jersey beaches and harvesting from the islands steep slopes using winch and cables.

Jersey Royals can only be grown on the island of Jersey. What’s cool is that the Jersey Royal new potato is the only potato that carries the EU Protected Designation of Origin mark of authenticity, like Cornish clotted cream, champagne or Stilton cheese.

They are delicious, earthy and nutty. And are available to buy in Tesco now in a pre-pack and lose format, while supplies last.

Spring Salad with Jersey Royal New Potatoes

Salads are my favourite thing to eat this time of year. When it’s nice outside, I don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking! I like to combine lettuce, veg, fruit, nuts, meat, and potato onto a plate to create a fresh and interesting salad.

Jersey Royals are a delicious new potato that goes really nicely with salad!

This Spring Salad Ingredients are the following… but you can use ANYTHING! I like to use leftovers from the fridge as much as possible too…

  • Jersey Royal New Potatoes

  • Lettuce

  • BBQ Chicken

  • Cheddar Cheese

  • Avocado

  • Apples, Apricot, Pear

  • Mixed Nuts

  • Cous Cous & Corn

  • Balsamic vinegar for dressing

A top tip when preparing fruit for a salad is to slice the fruit then place it into a small bowl and pour a little apple juice over it & mix it around to coat the fruit in apple juice. You can remove the fruit with a slotted spoon or your fingers so you leave the remaining apple juice in the bowl. This stops the fruit from browning! It works like a charm on avocado, apples & pears!

I start with washing the lettuce and placing it on the plate. Then I add the rest of the ingredients onto the plates while steaming the Jersey Royal potatoes, which takes about 20 minutes. In this case, I had the BBQ chicken cooked the day before so it was really easy to put together.

My kids all have their own unique taste when it comes to dinner. So each of their plates had different combinations of these foods on it! But all 3 love the Jersey Royals. They enjoyed their small size and texture and I love that they all ate the skin without any complaint! There’s so much nutrient in the skins.

We are quite particular with our potatoes and all 5 of us thoroughly enjoyed the Jersey Royals. They have a nice firm texture & the flavour is delicious! They really were the perfect addition to our spring salad plate.

After the Jersey Royals were done steaming, I simply tossed them in butter, salt, pepper & parsley. And added them to the plates!

It’s making me hungry looking at these photos now!! We had some cooked Jersey Royal potatoes left over so the next night I used them as a tasty side dish with our lasagna. I chopped the potatoes into 4 pieces each and sauteed them in rapeseed oil with some mushrooms and spinach. It made for a really tasty addition to the lasagna.

You can pick up your pack of Jersey Royal new potatoes in Tesco. Tell me what recipes you like to use potatoes with in the comments!! x

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