Taking An Extended Break With Kids: Is It Really Doable?

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Do you ever feel like the odd week away with the children isn’t enough? Many of us are limited when it comes to booking time off and travelling the world. A lack of funds, school term times and restricted annual leave can all get in the way of globetrotting adventures, so is it actually doable to take an extended break when you have kids? This guide will explore some options for families and provide advice for those eager to satisfy pangs of wanderlust.

Funds and finances

For many families, a lack of funds is the main obstacle. Planning an extended trip is unlikely to be cheap. If money is a worry, there are ways of making travel more affordable. Firstly, if you can, book flights and accommodation outside of peak times. If your children haven’t started school yet, now is the time to take advantage of cheaper flights and make the most of low-season rates. Secondly, use the Internet to compare prices. From car hire and hotel prices to flights and tours, you could save a huge amount of money simply by checking fees online. Finally, consider the option of taking a working holiday. If you can keep money coming in while you’re away, this will ease financial pressures and enable you to travel for longer. You could consider remote working if you’re in full-time employment and your boss will allow you to take an extended break, or you could look into options like making money from blogging or getting a part-time job if you plan to be away for a while. 

Practical accommodation options

If you want to book a holiday for a few weeks or a couple of months, rather than a short break, it makes sense to explore different accommodation types. Living in a hotel is likely to be expensive, and it’s not the most practical option for families. There are alternatives that may be more appealing and cost-effective, including looking for a rental apartment or considering a home swap. Generally speaking, long-term lets are better value for money than hiring a flat or a house for a couple of nights, and swapping your home with fellow travellers could save you a vast amount of money. Research online, look at what’s out there and compare prices.

Working around term dates and annual leave quotas

If you’re a parent and your children go to school, or you have a full-time job and this means that you’re only entitled to a set number of holiday days, it can be difficult to plan an extended family trip. One tip is to take full advantage of bank holidays and to book your holidays early so that you’re able to take time off during the school holidays. Prices tend to rise significantly outside of term time, and this can make travelling unaffordable. If you find yourself in this scenario, it’s worth considering last-minute deals or thinking about visiting countries and resorts that aren’t as popular during the summer break. Most families flock to Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Egypt and Cyprus. Steering clear of these destinations could enable you to save money, which will make a longer break more affordable. 

Relocating with work

If you have young children who haven’t started school yet, one way of taking a break without worrying about money or using all your holiday allowance in one go is relocating with work. In some cases, this won’t be a viable option, but if your employer has offices in a different country, it’s worth seeing if you could transfer for a period of time. Working overseas affords the opportunity to enjoy a different lifestyle, to immerse yourself in a new culture and to see the sights while earning a steady wage. It’s also hugely beneficial for your CV. This option might also work if you’re self-employed, or you’re a freelancer. If you’re a blogger, or a freelance writer, for example, you may be able to work on the go if you have a smartphone and you’re visiting cities and towns that are well-connected. 

If you long to travel more, you might think that it’s impossible to take a longer break when you have kids. While it might be more difficult to make plans once you have little ones in your party, it’s not impossible to travel more and to enjoy extended adventures. There are ways of working around time and date restrictions, boosting your holiday fund and coping with practical challenges. If you’re keen to get away for longer than 2 weeks this year, hopefully, this guide has given you food for thought.

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