Ten Styling Tips For Curvy Women

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Finding a style that you like, that is also flattering for your figure, can be a challenge for any woman. There are so many different cuts in clothing and looks out there, it’s hard to know which to go for and which will suit you. Follow these ten styling tips for curvy clothing.

Invest in good undergarments. Having the right foundation under your clothes will make your clothes look and feel better. Good underwear should make you feel good, so choose something in a comfortable fabric. Invest in a bra that offers good support, and pants that are comfy and flattering to wear.

Spend more on basics. Basics pieces that work for you and can be worn with everything are worth spending more. Choose versatile necklines for tops so they can be worn with various looks. Off the shoulder tops are a beautiful look on curvy women, don’t be afraid to show off your arms and shoulders.

Try on everything, in a lot of sizes. When you shop, try on everything to see how it fits. Forget about the number on the size label, and just buy what fits. Sizing can vary from store to store, so don’t get hung up on the numbers. Try a few sizes on to find the best, most comfortable fit for you.

Don’t be scared of crop tops. Many women have been taught to hate and hide away their stomachs, but crop tops can actually be very flattering on all figures. The small slither of skin shown is a subtle, but still sexy, way to show off your curves.

Try thigh or knee-high socks. Longer socks elongate the leg more than a classic ankle sock, and make an outfit look sexy and trendy. For winter, try a patterned mesh style pantyhose, and layer the long socks on top.

Embrace your clothes. It can be tempting to wear baggy, oversized clothing to try and hide inside them. Be confident and proud in your body and remember that confidence is beautiful. Instead, buy clothes that actually fit and show your shape. This is much more flattering.

Find a local tailor. Having a tailor make small alterations to your clothes to fit them to your body is a relatively inexpensive way to take your clothes to the next level. Properly fitting clothes look much better and you’ll feel more confident.

Try a wide belt. If you don’t have time to have a tailor adjust your clothes, you can fake the fit yourself with a wide belt. A belt can be used to nip in the waist of a dress or even a jacket to make it look it’s been adjusted just for you.

The flare dress is queen. If in doubt, a fit and flare dress is a very flattering shape on all figures. For curvy women, the fit part nips you in at your narrowest point at the waist, while the flared skirt skims out enhancing your beautiful shape.

But remember the most important point – wear what makes you feel good. The only person who has to like your clothes is you. Choose clothes that you enjoy wearing, that are comfortable and that make you happy when you look at them.

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