The Benefits of a Family Snow Holiday

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When we think about a family holiday, we often think of going to a resort in the sun. It’s always nice to get away to the sun but you know exactly what to expect with sun holidays – beaches, pools, and sand.

So this year, why not consider a family snow holiday instead? Holidays in the snow are exciting, year-round and multi-activity holidays that the whole family can enjoy. I’m going to provide you with some snowy inspiration in this post and give you an idea of some of the fabulous things you can expect from a family snow holiday.

Multi-Generational Travel

A family holiday is such a great way to spend time together. No one has the pressure of hosting and cooking meals, cleaning up and so on. Everyone can relax and enjoy the vacation!

The variety of activities that are on offer with a snow holiday are huge. And they are interesting to a span of ages so that everyone from the kiddies to the grandparents can enjoy the family snow holiday together.

What I love about the big family holidays we have taken over the years, is that you have the opportunity to come together for meals and also to separate for a variety of activities to suit each age group and interest. That dynamic mix of togetherness and time apart makes for a really comfortable experience for everyone.


The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear family snow holiday in Lapland is Father Christmas. I envision us staying in a log cabin, going dog-sledging and sipping hot cocoa. But there is actually a range of accommodations available – everything from hotels to family-run lodges and traditional log cabins.

You can enjoy family fun in the Lapland snow in a variety of holiday destinations across Swedish Lapland, Northern Norway, and Finnish Lapland.

I doubt that a more magical holiday destination exists than one when you get to meet Father Christmas and see where he lives. Plus, there are so many snowy activities to enjoy and beautiful sites to see and unique animals to meet. More on these points below…


Winter in Lapland means snow. Not the dirty, slushy snow we are dealing with in the UK & Ireland. No, it is fluffy, white, beautiful snow to play in! The snow itself is a playground for kids to enjoy. On top of that, there are loads of activities to do, including:

  1. dog sledging

  2. meeting Father Christmas

  3. snowmobiling

  4. sleigh rides with reindeer

  5. fishing

  6. skiing

  7. snowshoeing

  8. trails through the woods

  9. sledging

  10. ice hotels

  11. winter wildlife (more below)

  12. visits to see the Northern Lights (more below)

With so many fun, family snow activities to choose from, your visit to Lapland would be filled with action and adventure.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that’s visible at night in Lapland by the Arctic Circle. For families, they are exciting to see for both adults and children alike.

Getting to see the unique swirls of light is a real gift because that pattern is completely unique to that moment and won’t appear the same again. Kids will enjoy listening to the local guide to explain the lights and talk about legends of the Northern Lights.

Seeing the Northern Lights is on my bucket list!

Meeting the Wildlife

During your snowy family holiday, there are lots of animals that you can see! You can be introduced to polar bears, or go whale watching.

You can also immerse yourself in the local culture and meet a traditional reindeer herders and help them to feed the animals. Reindeers have been herded for years by the Sami in Lapland and play a major role in their culture and lives. You get to meet the indigenous people and learn about their culture and traditions. For me, that’s always a big highlight of any trip.

Depending on which country you visit, you can also see foxes, Ptarmigan, giant crabs and wolves.

And of course, there is always the option of going for a spin on a dog sled or a reindeer pulled sleigh! Both would make great family activities and make for amazing adventure stories when you get home!

Well, now I am in the mood for a snowy family holiday being honest. It’s a dream of mine to bring the kids to Lapland for a family adventure holiday. Have you gone on any family snow holidays? Let me know in the comments.

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