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The Benefits of Holiday Camps in Children

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Holiday camps offer working parents childcare when school’s out and children a range of fun educational opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have. These mainly focus on building life skills such as problem-solving, creativity, team working and leadership. We have teamed up with a children’s holiday camp in Kensington to share more on the benefits of holiday camps for children.

Maintains Routine

Routine and structure are important for children to thrive. When schools close for the holidays, this can get disrupted, making for a harder transition back to school. Holiday camps follow a similar sort of routine as they get children up at the same time to attend lessons where they can mingle and socialise with other children.

Physical Activity

Physical activity usually drops during the holidays where children fall victim to their screens and parents struggle to take them outdoors. This isn’t good for both their mental and physical health as they aren’t able to get fresh air, move around and expend their energy. Holiday camps on the other hand make every effort to get children up and about with exciting opportunities from rock climbing to canoeing.

Making Friends

Holiday camps are also a mish mash of different schools, allowing your child to meet new faces other than the ones that they see at school. This can help to build their confidence and teach them how to make new friends. They may even make friendships that they keep for life.

Explore Different Passions

As mentioned earlier, at camp your child will have the opportunity to explore different sports and activities. This can help them to get a taste and understanding of what they enjoy. They may even uncover hidden talents that they didn’t know of.

Prevent Learning Loss

Learning loss is a term that was coined to describe what happens to children when they are off school for a prolonged period of time and don’t receive mental stimulation. This is something that holiday camps prevent as they host a wide range of fun and engaging lessons for children. In fact, the skills that they learn can help them to be better prepared for academic challenges, allowing them to perform even better at school.

An Affordable Price Point

Prices are also affordable and usually come with discounts for additional siblings, allowing you to benefit from cheap childcare and save a little more.

Memories that Last a Lifetime

The experience that a holiday camp has to offer is unrivalled and will undoubtedly leave your child with memories that last a lifetime.

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