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The Ew Side Of Health We Never Want To Deal With?

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Do you ever have those days where you really can’t be bothered to look after your body? Those days turn into months, and before you know it you’re out of a routine where you’re thinking about your body at all, meaning you can go off the rails big time. Because your body should be treated like a temple at every turning you get, but we just know this isn’t the case for so many of you.

But when you have a million and one things going on in your life, how are you ever going to find time to dedicate yourself to your body as well. Well, it’s a lot easier than you think, some of us just become so lazy with it, and so set in our ways where we’re not really caring for our bodies, that we think it’s a huge mountain to climb to get back on top.

When in fact, some simple changes to your daily lifestyle and the way that you treat your body is all that you need. But we will admit, there are some sides to our health that we really don’t like dealing with, and can definitely make us say ew a few times if we ever find ourselves dealing with it. These are the parts of our health that are ignored the most, so therefore the ones we want to talk about today!

The Topic Nobody Wants To Talk About

We’re going to start with the most awkward topic that we know nobody likes talking about, and that’s sexual health. It’s so natural to be sexually active, and in this day and age, that doesn’t always mean the same person. People are free to explore their sexuality with whoever they want, but this usually happens after a few too many drinks, and beer goggles are in full swing. If not, it’s one of these dating apps that people seem to be using just to hook up.

It really is the modern way of being sexually active, and even those who are in relationships are afraid to talk when their sexual health starts taking a turn for the worse. If you are in a fully committed relationship, issues will most likely be between the two of you, and so easy to deal with. But it’s when you’re living a free life and something goes wrong, that people don’t like to talk.

Considering we’re not living through a time where the population is so sexually active, sexually transmitted diseases and infections are being spread faster than ever before. Crabs, in particular, seems to be on the rise, but luckily due to the number of rising cases, the number of effective treatments is also on the rise. Treatment is available online if you do find yourself at the hands of something like this, so it saves you from having that embarrassing feeling of going to the doctors. However, it is always wise to take a trip there first, just to make sure you’re treating the right thing!

Something A Little Stinky

Nobody likes to think that they smell, and it can be hard to smell something on yourself, especially if you’re masking it well. But when something starts to smell not how it should do, it’s time to get yourself to the doctors.

One common problem that men and women have when they get older, is the overproduction of sweat from sweat glands. It happens due to hormonal changes and imbalances within the body, causing secretion to be far higher than it once used to be.

The worrying one about this is, it’s hard to smell yourself when you’re sweaty. You might start the morning great with a shower and some deodorant, but as the day goes on and the sweat protrudes, it becomes something others notice rather than you. The only sign you’ll have is that increased wet feeling.

But fear not, this is also something that you can have treated. It can feel embarrassing, especially if you know that others around you are getting a little bit suspicious of the smell, or perhaps can even see the sweat mark. But a simple trip to the doctors might take you down the route of getting botox into your sweat glands. It basically freezes the action of them, preventing you from being able to sweat.

Hormone control tablets can also be used. Always make sure that you are taking the time and effort to keep your body clean and fresh, however. Showering in the morning before work is essential, and using a really good deodorant rather than just a store brand one is going to help even more!

Sport Related Problems

Now this one is definitely going to make you say ew, especially since you’ve probably dealt with it a few times before, or seen people who have if you’re really into your sports.

Sports is becoming more popular at the minute, with people taking it up as a hobby and a way of socialising. But there are so many little problems that come with playing sports, especially ones that require your feet to be in sweaty hot boots, and even wet boots if you’re playing during the wetter season.

The problem we’re talking about is athlete’s foot, and it can really make you cringe to see. Athletes foot is where the skin is moist for too long, causing it to shred layers of the skin much thicker than usual. The skin will begin to peel off, usually around the toes and the soul of the foot, and it can just be pretty horrible to look at.

Luckily this one can be treated over the counter, and we definitely recommend you treat is asap. Preventing it is done through attempting to keep your feet as dry as possible, and always drying them off as soon as you can after playing. Always make sure that you’re going to the doctor if it gets to the point of cracking the skin, because that’s when infections can start to take over.

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