The Peanuts Movie Review

I adore the Peanuts! I have fond memories of watching Charlie Brown, Snoopy & the gang when I was little. I was absolutely delighted to hear they made a Peanuts Movie (2015). So of course, I brought my three kiddies (nearly 3, 6 & 8) to see The Peanuts Movie over Christmas.

The animation has changed from the original. The characters are brighter & have more dimension to them. Besides that, the antics, story & vibe from the cartoon was just the same. That made me so happy! When the Peanuts theme song came on, it was like going back to my childhood. Snoopy was up to his old tricks, chasing the red baron & all of the gang were just the same despite their modern makeover. My three kiddies & I thoroughly enjoyed the film. They sat & watched with their popcorn & when it was over they asked if we could buy it on DVD.

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The biggest plus for me as a parent was the complete lack of violence, tension or scary scenes in the film. It’s fun & relaxing to watch. Of course, poor Charlie Brown has lots of mishaps but no one gets hurt, there’s no fear of someone getting hurt & for once in a film – there is no bad guy!

It was such a pleasure to watch this movie & it got me thinking about other films we have seen. I’m sorry to say that most kids movies are full of violence, tension & worry. They all seem to follow the same plot where the bad guy tries to ruin things but the heroes win at the end. I don’t enjoy those kinds of movies & neither do my kids. I really don’t see why movies can’t be a happy & enjoyable experience for children.

I heard parents talking behind me before the film started about a different movie they went to recently & had to leave because their children were frightened. I always read reviews before we go to a film. But, even the mildest of movies seem to have tense scenes & a bad guy.

If you are looking for a good old fashioned story that’s funny & enjoyable to watch then check out the Peanuts Movie. We paid for our tickets & I wasn’t asked to write this post, but I loved the movie so much & because it made me start thinking about violence in children’s movies, I wanted to write about it.

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What’s your take on children’s movies? Have you seen The Peanuts Movie?

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