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The Story of Cuddle Fairy

I had so many bloggers say the same few things to me at #BML16. The first was – I didn’t think you’d be so tall. The second was, how did you come up with Cuddle Fairy? It made me realize that I never told the story of how I came up with my blog name. What an oversight. So here you go…

I thought about starting a blog for about a year before I actually decided to go for it. I went back & forth about what I’d write about & if it was a good idea. I’m lucky that my husband was totally supportive of my starting a blog. It’s what gave me the final push to go for it!

I wanted my blog to be a positive space on the internet. I didn’t have a definite plan for what I’d write except that I wanted positive things like positive parenting, quotes & inspiring posts. As you can see it took on a life of its own & has expanded to what I loving describe as a positive parenting & lifestyle blog. With the motto, there’s positivity around every corner.

There's Positivity Around Every Corner

I wanted a blog name that reflected the positivity & gave a warm & welcoming feeling. I wish I could say I just thought of Cuddle Fairy one day or that it was my nickname or something easy like that. It – was – not – easy. Everything I came up with already existed in the land of google. Or, something way too similar.

I became head wrecked & then head wrecked my Godmother who was over visiting us in February 2015 with my Godfather (who was also put to work researching hosting companies since he knows all that techy stuff). The poor woman made lists of name ideas. All of which I either poo-pooed or it already existed online. Even the names I didn’t like already existed! It was a joke.

One morning I was up early with our daughter & I was playing around with the word nest. Then cuddle nest. Then I loved cuddle. I said yes cuddle is something. But what to put with cuddle? My Godmother woke up & approved of cuddle We put a few words with it but none had that je ne sais quoi.

Next up was my husband. My Godmother shouted out to him in the kitchen – what will we put with cuddle? He was used to these statements being thrown out there & knew it was more blog name plotting. He answered – how about fairy?

That was it! That was the one. I immediately saw my Cuddle Fairy graphic in my mind. It had the positive, happy vibe I wanted. It was perfect. I loved it!

cuddle fairy graphics

But then my stomach flipped when I searched what had become to be known as the dreaded Google to see if Cuddle Fairy already existed in internet land. Happily – no cuddle fairies out there! She’s one of a kind!

I quickly scoffed up the domain name in case someone else out there had simultaneously thought of Cuddle Fairy for their blog. I was happy & relieved when I registered Cuddle Fairy. I could begin the very long process of figuring out how to set up my blog! In hindsight, the naming was the easy part. Little did I know all of the techy issues & ups & downs that lay ahead of me for the next year.

So there you have the story of Cuddle Fairy. Do you think it was a good choice? x

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