The Story of Cuddle Fairy

I had so many bloggers say the same few things to me at #BML16. The first was – I didn’t think you’d be so tall. The second was, how did you come up with Cuddle Fairy? It made me realize that I never told the story of how I came up with my blog name. What an oversight. So here you go…

I thought about starting a blog for about a year before I actually decided to go for it. I went back & forth about what I’d write about & if it was a good idea. I’m lucky that my husband was totally supportive of my starting a blog. It’s what gave me the final push to go for it!

I wanted my blog to be a positive space on the internet. I didn’t have a definite plan for what I’d write except that I wanted positive things like positive parenting, quotes & inspiring posts. As you can see it took on a life of its own & has expanded to what I loving describe as a positive pa