Tips to Stay on Top of the Laundry Pile

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Keeping on top of the laundry is a full-time job. Just when the basket is finally empty, inevitably more laundry magically appears and the basket is full yet again. Between jumping in muddy puddles, soccer training, and school uniforms, there is constantly dirty laundry in my house.

I have developed a few tips to help stay on top of the laundry so we avoid running out of clean socks or having to search for items through baskets of clean laundry. I’m going to share 5 tips with you here. And I’d love to hear your tips in the comments below, I could use all the laundry help I can get!

#1 Only Wash What’s Actually Dirty

Now I know that might sound obvious but hear me out…

Think of times you take clothing out to wear it, and don’t and leave it over a chair or left on top of the pile. These clothes can get scooped up for the wash unnecessarily.

I find this particularly common with the kids. They might leave clean items of clothing on their floor, then scoop everything up for the laundry when it’s not even dirty. The volume of dirty laundry is bad enough without washing clean clothing too.

With that in mind, teach the kids to keep clean clothing folded and in their proper location. And the adults too, if you take something then don’t’ wear it, put it back where it goes straight away rather than leaving it out somewhere.

#2 Do Laundry Several Times per Week

Don’t leave yourself stuck with piles of dirty laundry, having to get through 5 loads in one day. Try to do the laundry every few days so there isn’t too much to do at a time.

You can time these loads so they will be done when you get back from town or at a convenient time to sort the laundry. Don’t start a load when the finish time is a busy time for you or you won’t be home because the laundry ends up sitting in the machine or you are rushed to get it moved.

Being strategic with timing & doing laundry every few days will help keep the laundry rolling along smoothly.

#3 Get the Kids Involved

Start teaching the kids to bring their dirty clothes down to the laundry basket from a young age. They are well able to do this from 3 years old. It’s a great way to be helpful and also to start learning about the process of how clothes stay clean.

As kids get older they can help with folding and putting away. And progress responsibilities up to doing the laundry themselves. But be sure you have fully taught them how to use the machine and separate colours before giving that responsibility. Watch them do it a few times before they do it unsupervised.

#4 Fold Straight from the Dryer

This is the tip that I personally fail at most weeks. I know it works much better to do it this way but I tend to have baskets of clean clothing around the house before folding.

When I am on my game, folding straight from the dryer makes all the difference. The clothes have less wrinkles and they aren’t left laying around the house. After folding, the kids put the clothes away, and the full process of laundry is done in one swoop.

#5 Deal with Dry Cleaning Simply

For busy parents with lots on their plate, consider a service to help out with the laundry, like Laundryheap, a leading on-demand laundry, and dry-cleaning service. It collects and delivers customer orders for free, within 24 hours to their homes, offices or hotels.

Now that’s the easiest way to do laundry that I can find! They offer customizable laundry and dry cleaning services for those with busy lifestyles. Customers book collection via the Laundryheap app or website.

For dry-cleaning, it’s a good idea to have a designated basket at home so your good items don’t’ get mixed in with dirty soccer clothes or wet towels. And they will all be together, ready for drop off or collection.

Discount Code: For those of you in the Dublin area, use Code BC7CF for a discount of €7 off your first order.

Tell me your other tips in the comments below! How is the best way to tackle laundry in your house?

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