To our son on his First Holy Communion

As I type this post, we are preparing for our son to make his first holy communion this weekend. As you are reading this post, he had his first communion yesterday. I am probably cleaning up after the big party right now. lol

He is nine years old & so excited for his big day. His class has walked the short distance to the church every day to practice the ceremony. Our son is one of four who are bringing gifts to the altar.  Other children will do readings, sing & say prayers of the faithful. It will be a lovely ceremony.

Everyone will be dressed up in suits & dresses. The girls wear beautiful white puffy dresses, like little wedding dresses. The boys will wear suits & of course, the parents & siblings need to look good too. Happily, we are all set with our outfits!

After mass, we are having family over to our house to celebrate. I’m preparing foods in advance that I can throw in the oven like shepherds pie, lasagna & quiche. There will be lots of side dishes, desserts & a second round of food in the evening. I love having people over & hosting dinner parties so I’m looking forward to the whole day.

To our Son on his first Holy Communion

To our son on his first Holy Communion – I wish you a fun filled day with lots of memories in the making. x

#LifeinIreland #Parenting

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