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Top Tips for Updating Your Living Room

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Looking for some ideas to update your living room? Whether you’re looking for some simple changes or a complete overhaul, we’ve got some inspiring tips for ways you can change your lounge from this building merchants in Romford.

Add a big statement piece to your living room

Most people think of a fireplace or hearth as the centrepiece of a room, but it could easily be a large piece of artwork, a set of large plants or a large coffee table in the center with your sofa surrounding it. If you have quite a monotone coloured room, use this as an opportunity to add hints (or big pops) or colour to make it stand out.

Add house plants

Whether you feel you kill every plant you touch, or haven’t tried them indoors yet, a big plant or a set of smaller house plants can add life to what might feel like a dull space. You could go big with one large plant, or incorporate small plants at different heights across the living room to create a homely illusion. Adding some fresh cut flowers will also add some cheer to your living room.

Repaint your living room

A lot of people opt for white to make the living room spacious and feel open, but you can also mimic this with darker colours if you’re clever with where your furniture lives. Another way to add a different colour of paint to your living room is by painting one side of the room in a darker colour and add a large painting or photo to the room.

Invest in good storage

Finding your living room is the hub for most of your clutter? It might be time to add a bookcase or set of shelves to the room. You can still make these look chic and match the rest of the room by adding small ornaments or artwork in among the books and boxes used to add some character.

Invest in new furniture, with colour

Now might be a good time to look at that mustard yellow sofa you’ve been eyeing up for a while. Having a sofa and/or a large chair can really spruce up a room, especially if you’ve got a lot of whites and greys in your room.

Look to change your lighting

You could have one large main light in the living room with a nice chandelier to match, or you could just buy a handful of lamps of various heights to bring a level of ambience to the room instead. Either make a nice statement in a room depending on your preferences.

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