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Ultimate Travel Guide to Anguilla

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If you’re looking for a perfect island getaway in a secluded, but luxurious Caribbean beach experience, Anguilla is what you’re looking for. Celebrities love to visit the island because of it protecting privacy tradition, its posh resorts, and a great selection of more than 70 restaurants. Reef and wreck diving are some of the popular activities here, but experiencing the island on your first day, you’ll likely to spend your night over a delicious meal than dancing till dawn. If you’re planning to visit this beautiful paradise, there are some important things you need to know first before traveling.

Where to Stay

Luxury resorts featuring upscale restaurants often seem to be the rule, but Anguilla is rather an exception. Cap Juluca is one of the most popular luxury resorts. Malliouhana boasts a spa for relaxation and eponymous gourmet French restaurant. Another one is the CuisinArt hotel, popular for its wellness program. But Anguilla also has some budget-friendly hotels, inns, Anguilla homes, inns, and villas located all around the island even in such crowd-favorite spots as Sandy Ground.

Anguilla Attractions

Locals and tourists do not visit Anguilla for sightseeing. It’s the resorts, beaches and restaurants are the real attractions. That being said, you’ll surely want to see the historic Olde Valley district in Anguilla’s capital. Head over to The Heritage Collection, a history museum on the island of Anguilla. Bring your binoculars and try the amazing bird-watching at Anguilla’s salt ponds. After that, get out on the water for sailing, fishing and diving the local reefs and wrecks.

Anguilla Beaches

One of the best things about Anguilla is that even if it is small, it boasts 33 beautiful beaches. All of them are open to the public for free. To experience wilder waves and more remote beaches, head to island’s Atlantic-facing north coast. Some of the popular hotspots in Anguilla include Shoal Bay, Rendezvous Bay, Sandy Ground, and Meads Bay. All these beaches have waterfront bars and restaurants and resorts to go along with sand and surf.

Little Bay can only be reached by boat. Scilly Bay and Sandy island are small islands with beach bars and free transfer service from the mainland.

Anguilla Culture and History

The Arawaks are the first settlers of Anguilla. They left petroglyphs at Big Spring Cave. The French and British fought over the island for 150 years. The English people lived here established a plantation economy.

Anguilla Events and Festivals

No matter what time of the year you visit Anguilla, you’ll surely catch a boat racing, which is its national sport. The Anguilla Cultural Festival and Summer Festival are great opportunities to meet locals and learn more about their customs and lives. If you’re coming here the month of March, never miss the Moonsplash Music Festival. The festival is really huge and it features local and international performers, as does the yearly Tranquility Jazz Festival. May 30, Anguilla Day, is the celebration of Anguillan Revolution.

Anguilla Nightlife

Nightlife may not be Anguilla’s forte, but you’ll find charming beach bars in Shoal Bay. Also in Sandy Ground, you’ll find two of Anguilla’s popular clubs; the Johnnos Beach Stop and the Pumphouse. Local artists legend like Banki Banx and friends play every night at Dune Preserve, Bank’s bar, restaurant & concert venue.

Fun things to do in Anguilla

Stunning beaches, great food selection, and warm hospitality make this tiny Anguilla so welcoming to all visitors. Here are some of the fun things to do in Anguilla.

  1. Try Anguilla’s Restaurants – Anguilla has more than a hundred restaurants that as good as those restaurants you’ll find anywhere in the Caribbean. From fabulous meals of Jacala to the elegant Veya to the picturesque view on Straw Hat, you’ll surely enjoy this place.

  2. Art Gallery hop – There is a growing art community in Anguilla, from traditional landscape paintings to beautiful sculpture made with driftwood, all located near the town so it’s easier to access.

  3. Go offshore – Anguilla has some of the best sandbars and cays, from Scilly Cay, a fine-dining spring on a coral island, to Sandy Island, a powdery sand with a stunning beach bar and restaurant. You can access all of them by hiring a boat.

  4. Feel the rhythm – Anguilla has a thriving live-music scene. Enjoy the beat of music from the famous Dune Preserve with their local artist Bankie Banx and party at Pumphouse. Indulge in a full-day of music on the beach at the Dune Preserve by day and go the Pump House at night. If you’re lucky, you can catch a great local band, British Dependency.

  5. Tour the Napa Valley of Rum Punch – Having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world means great beach bars as well. And with great bars comes great rum punches. Enjoy the best rum punch spots in Anguilla. Look for Elvis’ Beach Bar and Elodia’s to experience the best rum punch in the Caribbean. You can also find great varieties across the island.

  6. Eat some more – For foodies out there, visit CuisinArt resort for its weekly Chef’s Table. Chef Jasper Schneider will personally cook you a different variety course meal. It’s like you’ll spend an evening in a culinary laboratory.

  7. Enjoy the view – Sunset viewing is a must do in Anguilla. The Sunset Lounge at the Viceroy Anguilla is located on the top of the hillside and perfect for sunset viewing. Its striking design makes Anguilla’s much more exciting. It also serves delicious sushi that you’ll surely enjoy eating on this island.

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