What to buy your friend who’s having a baby

*collaborative post

I remember my first friend to have a baby & being totally clueless about what to buy her or the baby. I didn’t have any kids yet myself & as such, I had no experience on what would make a useful gift. When her baby was born I bought her a dress. When I look back on it now it probably wasn’t the best gift. It was most likely the wrong season & size.

When we had our first child we received soooo many gifts. I was overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. Neighbours I have literally never met were sending gifts to us via my mother in law. It was so very kind of them. The only trouble was that every gift was the same – an outfit sized 0-3 months old. They were gorgeous little outfits like overalls or  jeans & button-down shirts.

My son didn’t wear 90% of those clothes. He was 9lb 4oz at birth. He grew out of 0-3-month-old clot