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What to wear for the office Christmas party

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A party with your colleagues is a difficult situation to navigate. You want to let your hair down and enjoy some festive drinks. However, you also don’t want to lose all respect from your co-workers and build up a bad reputation.

Your Christmas outfit can play a big part in how you are perceived in your workplace. Here are a few dos and don’ts on what to wear for this year’s staff night. 

Don’t wear anything too short 

Mini skirts have been on trend for the past decade. They are stylish, flirtatious and entirely inappropriate for an office party. If you are constantly yanking your skirt down to cover your behind, then it is not suitable for a staff night out. Fortunately, midi skirts are right on trend this season. You can rock a pattern midi skirt to be professional and fashionable at the same time. 

Don’t have too much cleavage on show 

Remember to dress on the side of caution. If you wouldn’t wear a low-cut blouse to work, then you shouldn’t wear it to the office party. Besides, you are likely to feel self-conscious around your colleagues if your cleavage is on show too much. You need to maintain a professional image, even when having a few cocktails. 

Do know the dress code

This is essential. Is it a black-tie ball, casual day out, bar or club night?  Double-check with your colleagues a couple of days before to make sure you have the right dress code. There is nothing worse than showing up to a party in the wrong outfit! 

Here are some great outfit options for a whole host of Christmas parties. 

Do dress up, if in doubt 

Jeans and slinky dresses are not suitable for office parties. If in doubt, wear smart trousers or an appropriate dress. You want to look professional and festive, with a hint of personality!

Do accessorise! 

Accessories are a great way to style up your outfit without revealing too much skin. Think glitz and glam when it comes to accessorising. Sparkles, vibrant colours and statement pieces are the perfect way to spice up any outfit. Pick out your favourite purse, earrings, and a pair of heels for a special touch to your festive look. 

Do show up 

Finally, remember to show up to the party on time and to behave professionally at all times. Your directors will be keeping an eye on who socialises and behaves professionally throughout the night. You want to be a team player – so don’t gossip, complain or get too excited with the drinks. Remember, you have to retain the respect of your co-workers and show up the next day! 

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