Why Archery is a Perfect Activity for the Whole Family

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Archery is a sport that holds no boundaries to physical ability, age, and gender.  Spending quality time together is truly rewarding. Regretfully, due to the increase in work demands, homework, errands, and other chores, there never seems to be ample time to participate in some activity that allows families to stay active, engaged, and connected.

Finding common interests is also very difficult. Archery is a family sport that encourages social and teamwork skills by creating opportunities for family discussion.  It teaches patience, focus, and control. 

It is an inexpensive sport which is available all year round. By involving your family in archery, you get the much-needed quality time together to have some fun. Here are a few reasons why archery is a perfect activity for the whole family.

Archery is Safe

Many sports like football, soccer, basketball, and baseball can cause painful injuries and accidents. National Safety Council has reported archery to be three times safer than golf, making it a very safe sport to indulge. Often parents worry that their children are too young to hold a bow and arrow. Organizations like USA Archery suggest beginning junior archery development at the age of 8. 

If you have younger kids that are too young to hold a real bow and arrow, you can always provide them with toy bows and arrows. This way, they could learn the safety rules and regulations of archery at a young age and be better prepared when they come of age to pick their real equipment. 

Available Year-Round

Sports like football, soccer, and baseball depend highly on the weather. Good news! Archery is not a seasonal sport. Consequently, it is not limited to the outdoors but can also be practised and enjoyed indoors all year-round.

Enhances those Social Skills

Archery provides an excellent platform to communicate with other archers on the range. When engaging in the sport, it allows you and your family an opportunity to have fruitful discussions. That helps families to learn how to work as a team and develop their communication skills. As a result, the family’s well-being on an emotional, mental, and physical level will improve. 

Get some Exercise

Archery requires a great deal of precision, control, physical ability, motivation, and determination. According to the experts from UberBows, short bursts of energy are released from the core muscles like the upper body and chest muscles and the non-core muscles like the rotator cuffs. A great deal of hand and finger flexibility is also required to fire the perfect shot.

Although archery is a stationary sport, archers walk around 4-5 miles every day to recover the target board’s arrows. These exercises pump up your cardiovascular system, keeping you and your family fit and healthy together!

Enhances focus, concentration, and coordination

If your kids struggle to focus on their homework, you would be relieved to know that archery increases concentration and coordination. Archers need a lot of focus and attention during their shot routines so that they can hit the bullseye. Alongside this, archers require impeccable coordination. They need to tune out all distractions and stay still when aiming at their target. They need to keep patience when trying to achieve their goal. Every successful shot uplifts your self-esteem. 

The only way to develop confidence is through constant practice. The more you practice your archery skills, the more perfection you gain in hitting your target. These qualities are also vital in our daily routine life. 

Enhances your Mental Health

It has been observed that archery helps reduce symptoms of stress. It is a relaxing sport that encourages you to stay calm and increases your confidence every time you hit the bullseye.

Fun for everyone

Sports are a fantastic way to spend some fun quality time with your loved ones. Archery is a sport that holds no age restrictions and is available all year long. Archery teaches the whole family how to focus and concentrate on their targets. It provides a platform to communicate and encourages them to work as a team.  If you miss spending quality time with your family, you should give archery a try! 

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