Why this Dallas Suburb is the Happiest City in America

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When people choose to relocate they are looking for an opportunity to live out their dreams and get into an area that promotes happiness. Those that are looking for an opportunity to find happiness should consider the cities in America that are already at the top of the list. Grand Prairie — a suburb of Dallas — is one of those cities!


Just about everyone is definitely looking for opportunities to acquire a stable income, and the income growth rate for Grand Prairie is higher than normal. It is a suburban area that provides opportunities for people to have a number of gainful employment options. That is why a lot of people are making a decision to relocate to this area. They are interested in moving to Dallas with Suddath to get a glimpse into this happiness!

Depression Rates

There is also a much lower rate of depression when it comes to areas in Dallas like Grand Prairie suburbs. People that have stable jobs are going to have a better quality of life. They are going to be less depressed about the lack of opportunities to follow their career path. Dallas is one of the biggest cities in America. It has a number of different technology, healthcare and industrial companies that provide more than enough opportunities for those that are looking for jobs. The fact that there are suburban subdivisions makes it easier for people to get jobs in the city while living outside of the main areas. They essentially have the best of both worlds, and this results in lower depression rates.


It has been stated that all work and no fun can be a recipe for disaster. People that live in the Grand Prairie Dallas suburbs are spending more leisure time with their families. It is true that they have abundant job opportunities, but everyone that is working there is not going to make their job their life. People that live in the suburbs have jobs that allow them to make a decent income and still spend time with their families. People that live in this suburb have chances to engage in activities in the city of Dallas. There are a number of different restaurants, museums and entertainment venues that are in close proximity to the Grand Prairie suburbs.


No suburban area can be complete without an elevated level of safety. That is the thing that job hunters are typically going to see when they are planning to make a move. They never want to move to any location that is not going to give them a safe environment for them and their families.

In a lot of metropolitan areas people tend to move downtown where all of the business is taking place or to the suburbs where they feel that they have a greater level of safety. There are people that are working in downtown Dallas, but a lot of them have chosen the Grand Prairie suburbs because it is known to be an area that is safe.

Grand Prairie is an area that has a low crime rate, low depression rates and higher incomes than the average community. This makes it one of the most desirable places to move in Texas. A large number of people from other states may say that it is one of the more desirable suburban areas in the entire United States. The commute to work is not extremely long, and the job opportunities are continuing to grow as more enterprises make Dallas home. It is the ideal suburban area for those that are seeking happiness.

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