Winter: interior trends and tips for the living room

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Similar to hedgehogs, many of us like to hibernate in the cold months. It’s time to say goodbye to the sunshine, barbecues, holidays, beaches and everything that makes summer so great- let’s move the party inside.

You can certainly reduce the winter blues with revamping your home, so prep for the frostier months with a warming renovation!

Get ready to snuggle down with richer colours, luxurious textures, roaring fires and piping hot mugs of hot chocolate or mulled wine (maybe some Baileys if you’re feeling extra cheeky).


You know that when winter comes you can break out the thicker, cosier fabrics. Fluffy blankets and rugs by the fire will always make your home feel comforting. Nothing says winter more than knitted fabrics, plush velvets and warm fleeces. Deep colours such as burgundy, emerald greens and royal blues create a warm, affluent feel.

The heart of any living room is the gorgeous textures we introduce into it. The sofas are usually the main feature of our living rooms, giving you a place to sit down and relax, whether you’re re-reading Harry Potter for the fifth time, catching up on the latest episode of The Apprentice or maybe having a cheeky nap! This means an abundance of cushions is absolutely necessary, accompanied by plenty of blankets- we don’t want the kids to be fighting over them! The only danger is that you’ll never want to leave your sofa again…


We’d say don’t be afraid of exploring rich colour palettes. A change in colour is an easy, relatively cheap way of increasing the energy levels of your home. You can contrast paler tones such as pink, greens and white with striking colours such as plum, purple and blue. Or even go for a bold wallpaper to create a statement and lift your home during the dark winter months.


Wood flooring is always a good choice at any time of the year, but there’s something about its rich, affluent look that goes especially well with winter interior themes, particularly in the living room. If you want to fully commit to the winter theme, then a dark, rich chocolate coloured oak or walnut flooring would be perfect. Again, this makes for cosy, darker tones, complimenting the textures mentioned beautifully. Once more, there are so many different types of rugs you can match with wood too!

However, if you’re keen on more honey tones, then this will contrast nicely with the velvets and a glowing orange fire. Collect samples and test it against your walls and furnishings, this is the only way you’re going to know if all the elements work together! If you need something that’s a little easier to maintain and at a cheaper price however, then laminate and vinyl come in convincing imitations of real wood. With so many colours finishes available, you can choose exactly what it is you want.

We all want our home to be warm especially during winter, that’s why if underfloor heating is something you already have or are looking to install, then we’d recommend engineered wood. It is able to withstand fluctuating temperatures due to the way the planks are constructed, something real wood cannot tolerate. We are seeing more and more of our homes with this feature, so not only will it be energy and efficient and warm during winter, but also help the selling value when it is time to move on!

Although we’ve only scratched the surface of possibilities for a winter style living room, these changes can really bring your room back to life. Once more, blankets, cushions and rugs are not permanent, so why not have different ones for each season?

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