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You are officially a blogger when…

I’ve been blogging for just over 1 year now. Blogging has become a big part of my life & in turn a big part of our family. I hadn’t realized how much my kids have taken notice of my blogging until a few weeks ago. Our daughter was cooking at her play kitchen. She often does this & brings me out lovely plates of “food” & drinks. I pretend to enjoy eating it & she heads off again to get more food.

I say “food” because even though we have a huge box of play food she often brings me other objects. This day she brought me some lovely “cake” to eat with a shovel….

you are officially a blogger when

I went to take a bite of the pretend cake she had made when she stopped me saying: “Noooo! Take a photo first!” My first thought was that she really has me figured out at the age of 3 –  with the cake eating & taking photos of said cake.

Then I realized that is what I had been doing all weekend! We went away for two nights to the Radisson Blu hotel in Galway for the blog. While we were away we had some delicious dinners out (reviews coming this week). Before we could take a bite of food, I had to take photos of it first.

you are officially a blogger when

This encounter & having the kids home over Easter holidays made me start to question myself as a parenting blogger. Keeping the balancing act going is tough when school isn’t in session. I blogged it & feel much better knowing everyone feels the same way.

I still smile when I think about my daughter stopping me from eating the cake. I love the opportunities blogging has brought us. And, I’m really happy to have something that is mine to work on. So, I’m happy to be officially a blogger & I may have a little blogger girl in the making! 😉


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