You’re In A Rut: How To Escape The Cycle

Have you ever got your car stuck in a muddy ditch? You sit there revving the engine, again and again, trying desperately to escape from the ditch that you’re stuck in, but no matter how hard the wheels spin, you just cannot seem to escape. You are trapped; you cannot go backwards, forwards, or anywhere. Each time you spin the wheels, the deeper your car sinks into the mud. 

Finding yourself stuck emotionally often happens in a very similar way. You continue to journey through your life, keeping to your normal routine, doing the same activities each day. You fail to notice that you’re getting yourself into a rut, it just happens naturally over time. But before you can realise it, everything in your life suddenly seems meaningless. Your motivation has gone and all inspiration has left the building. You’re in a rut and you don’t know how to escape.