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Cuddle Fairy

Angel Reading Testimonials


"Honestly, the reading was amazing. I was so emotional but in a good way. It gave me a lot of help & reassurance! I didn't know what ot expect but WOW it was a wonderful experience! Thank you so much Becky! I cannot recommend her enough and I'm a total convert! I think everyone should try this. Honestly, the peace of mind is fantastic."

- Lisa

"I had the pleasure of having a reading from Becky and I was thrilled to see that all of what she sent resonated with me. In fact, the reading came at the best of times and really made me feel more optimistic, comforted and grateful. It’s amazing how accurate it was and I know that it’s something that I’ll refer to again and again to help keep me grounded. Thank you so much Becky – it’s amazing how many lives you must have touched – that in itself must be an amazing feeling."

- Lauretta Wright
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"I had a reading from cuddle fairy in June 2020. I reread it so many times, beaming each time, I felt an instant calm, an instant connection. Her reading finished with saying there would be a big expansion in my life and heart next spring, I was a bit surprised but so pleased to say that I will be welcoming a baby boy this spring, I think that can be counted as an expansion in life!" 

- Elaine S.

"I have always felt very connected to Angel’s, and felt this was one of the most detailed readings Ive ever received, not only was it professional in delivery but the tone and the guidance was spot on. I felt a great calmness after the reading and that i was on the right track to my life purpose. I can't wait to have another, and can't recommend Becky highly enough."

- Jolene Cox

"Becky has a true gift. Her reading was insightful, inspirational and comforting. Her reading was so accurate to the circumstances I asked for guidance on. Her reading has given me the confidence to know I am making the best life decisions for myself and family and guidance on how I should proceed in the future. I am so grateful for this experience."

- Kelly Bray

"Becky’s reading was clear and to the point. Her descriptions of the cards were easy to follow and her interpretation was calm and measured, and very accurate. It was a reading done with care and thought. The advice given is practical and leaves you with a sense of purpose. I would really recommend a reading from Becky."

- Claire Kirby

"Becky was kind enough to do an Angel reading for me recently and astounded me with her insight. She was spot on with her guidance on something new that I’m working on. And it was so very heartening to know that my father, who died some years ago, is close at hand. I had often dismissed this feeling that he’s near as me being silly, but now know that he is there."

- Distance Client

"Becky has a way of presenting material that resonates and makes it readily understandable. Through her eyes I could see truths that I otherwise would not have seen. I came out of the reading feeling like I had extended my universal family and could both give and receive from my angels."

- Helene MacLean

"Hi what an amazing lady truly gifted and very clear with the spread of cards and encounters and where I am in my life right now and what I wish for in the future. I highly recommend!!"

- Reading Client

"Every interaction with this beautiful soul enriches my life. My reading brought me calm on a stormy day. To be able to revisit that whenever I chose is a blessing."

- Ellen

"Everything Becky told me really resonates with me! What I loved most is she sent it through mail so I can always go back and refer to it! As there are times I would come out of a reading and forget what the person had told me. I highly recommend Becky if you are looking to have a distance angel card reading done."

- Joanne Phibbs

Cuddle Fairy

Consultation Testimonials

"Becky is an intuitive and powerful healer. She has a gentle and pure energy that is uplifting and transforming. I feel my path was affected positively from the session. I feel more aware of myself and my intuition. Much more confident."

- Helen MacLean

"Becky is one of the most calming and peaceful people I have ever known. I have no hesitation in recommending her amazing personal sessions. I feel incredibly lucky that she has been able to share her peacefulness and calmness with me, and would strongly encourage others to take part in a session. Thank you Becky, you are wonderful!"

- Ella @ Typical Mummy
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"During my session, I felt a gentle sensation of heat around the 3rd eye and heart Chakras. I was tranquil throughout the session and felt very energised after. In the following days I felt a heightened intuition for sure, and lots of internal questions and answers."

- Notting Hill Daddy

"I was feeling really anxious after a troubled time, during our session, I could literally feel my anxiety melt away and afterwards I felt relaxed, happy, grounded and at peace."

- Talya Stone

"I had a lovely distant session with Becky. I had been feeling tense and had trouble sleeping but after our session, I felt relaxed and slept really well after it!"

- Distance Client
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