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SIMPLE 4 Minute Affirmation Meditation

As a welcome gift, I am sharing an exclusive video that I created. It combines affirmations and meditation in a two for one deal!

With all of the stress going on right now, I think taking a few minutes to reflect and relax is really important. But meditation isn’t that easy.

I personally used to find it really hard to meditate when I started out because my mind would constantly be thinking, it just wouldn’t stop. Focusing on your breathing is a standard way of meditating or centring yourself and thinking of nothing.


Both methods are excellent, but I found it hard to find calm while focusing on my breathing because my mind would wander off to everything else I had to do that day.

So it’s with that in mind that I created this video for you to use. You simply read each affirmation and truly absorb the message. Feel it in your heart. And repeat it slowly while feeling the message until the next message appears.


There are several purposes for to this affirmation / meditation video:

Saying affirmations help you to love yourself and connect to yourself.

Saying affirmations is a wonderful way to honour YOU, and you deserve that!

In time, it becomes easier to believe and truly feel the messages in the video. Keep going even if it feels weird or not like you at first. Creating new habits take time.

Listening to music and watching beautiful nature scenes is relaxing and creates a meditation easily without having to try to go blank.

Relaxing for 4 minutes per day is a simple, fast and beautiful way to care for yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

In time you can move onto other forms of meditation with ease.


Ideally, watch the affirmation video every day for the next few weeks. It’s only 4 minutes and it will be well worth the time for the reasons I listed above. You will gain so much from doing this! And it will help you to find a calm space within chaos.

Let me know how you find it!

Becky x

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