5 Tips to Keep Children Safe Online

This post is in collaboration with the NSPCC.

Online safety is an important talking point for parents. The internet didn’t exist when I was young so it’s all-new for my generation to talk to our kids about the internet & staying safe. To help keep the kiddies safe, I have 5 tips to keep children safe online & some advice for setting up parental controls.

This time of year, a lot of kids have new tablets or phones from Christmas & they are getting used to using them. It’s very easy to find something online that’s not child-friendly. Simply by misspelling a search word, a child could end up seeing something they shouldn’t see.

For older kids who are on social media or playing games that interact with strangers, they can be vulnerable if they give away personal information or photographs of themselves. So it's never been more important for us to discuss the ways parents can help to keep children safe online.