Amazing Doll Make-Under

Can you believe the difference in the before and after pictures of this doll?! The after was are made by Sonia Singh, an artist, illustrator and scientist based in Hobart, Tasmania. When Sonia was made redundant, she came up with the idea of “making-under” fashion dolls. She buys used dolls from second-hand shops and gives them a new lease of life by adding missing parts, removing all their makeup and painting on new faces. Her mother sews and knits new clothing for the dolls. The end result is a “Tree Change Doll” that looks like a little girl!

tree change group

When I stumbled upon Sonia’s Facebook page, I was instantly drawn to her project. The before and after pictures are amazing to me! I can’t understand why toy manufacturers think that dolls need to have so much makeup on. The eye makeup and lips are so incredibly over exaggerated.  I wonder what kind of impression this gives little girls and boys. In stark contrast, the Tree Change Dolls have a clean, natural, wholesome, happier look. While it wasn’t Sonia’s intention to make a statement about look of the original dolls, the amazing transformation has appealed to thousands of people around the world.