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Designer Bathroom – Simple Tips to Try

If your current bathroom décor is looking a bit faded and in need of a refresh, you could do the bare minimum to get things looking all right again, or you could indulge your long-cherished ambition and invest in a designer bathroom instead. It will not cost as much as you might fear and there are plenty of options available if you know where to look! Here is how to get started.

Plan It Out

Sketch up your bathroom with accurate measurements based on the available space you have and other priorities like your budget, you can determine the best type of toilet for your bathroom. Take a look at these best-selling toilet options from Saniflo and compare their features, sizes, and prices. Regardless of whatever toilet type you choose, you can get big savings on installation costs. This is because Saniflo toilet systems do not require you to put in new plumbing or completely demolish your existing bathroom. All these products are also equipped with a macerating pump that can break down solid waste into fine slurry and prevent any annoying clogs. These steel macerator blades are powerful enough to deal with solid waste items like sanitary napkins or wet wipes that might accidentally get flushed down the toilet.

When you are selecting the bath, toilet, shower stall and anything else you would like in your bathroom, make sure these are to the same scale as your room drawing so that when you place and move the furniture and fittings around, you will get an accurate picture of how much space the pieces will take up.

Ask the Experts

There are bathroom showrooms where you can see life-size bathrooms, designed and put together by experts in the field. You can ask questions about the bathroom sets, ask about different colour schemes and layouts and generally get an excellent idea about what is and is not possible for your own existing bathroom space. There are many places in almost every locality to help you with bringing the best out in your bathroom. Yorkshire has many home interior brands, but you should always try to find an option first which doesn’t break the bank. Let’s say if you are in Harrogate, you should narrow down the list of options available. In order to achieve a designer bathroom in Harrogate you can speak to experts at My Bathrooms and they will provide you with budget-friendly options.

Do It All At Once!

Not the paying, necessarily, but do plan the whole bathroom into one unified and cohesive room, from the colour of the walls to the soft furnishings to the taps and even the drain covers! In this way, even if you spend several months working towards your perfect designer bathroom, you will have a clear idea about how the bathroom will look when it is finished. This will help to keep you on track with your purchases – it can be tempting to snap up a bargain set of discounted shiny chrome taps, for example, but will be easier to resist when you have reminders that you have chosen rose-gold taps in an elegant, muted matt effect!

A Word of Warning

Unless they are a trained plumber, even the most experienced DIYer should not even think about interfering with the water supply of a house! While it is possible to do a workmanlike job using common sense and the right tools, it is when something goes wrong that an amateur will find themselves, perhaps literally, in hot water! The more complex a task is, the more likely it is that something will go wrong, so it is better to be safe than sorry, and to pay up for a professional plumber to come and fit your brand new bathroom suite, or waterproof the whole room preparatory to transforming it into a wet room.

With a little forethought, planning and saving, you are sure to achieve the designer bathroom of your dreams – and then you will get to enjoy that bathroom for many years to come!

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