Are pop songs the new lullaby?

*collaborative post.

Once upon a time, when I was a baby & little girl, my mother used to sing me lullabies. I remember her singing from my earliest memories. It was so comforting, loving & relaxing when she would sing to me. My mother used to sing beautiful songs like Ah Ah Baby, Rockabye Baby, Jesus Loves Me & many other gentle, peaceful songs. She would sing them before bed & also randomly throughout the day.

I recently read a post on Emma’s Diary about the 7 most popular pop songs to sing to your baby. The post title got me wondering, does anyone sing a lullaby to their baby anymore? And if not, what songs are they singing instead?

The top three pop songs to sing to your baby revealed on Emma’s Diary are Ed Sheeran: Thinking Outloud, Adele: Hello & Bob Marley: Don’t Worry About a Thing. Great choices all around but very different from the traditional lullaby I grew up with. I particularly love the idea of singing Bob Marley to a baby & I’m sure I have at some stage.

My mother passed the singing to kids gene onto me. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lovely singing voice like my mother does. Luckily my kids are too little to realize that I think! So far there haven’t been any singing complaints, long may that last!

When my kids were babies, before bedtime, I used to sing them nursery rhymes or songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. All three of my kids went through a period of difficult sleep patterns. I’d sometimes sing a song while trying to sneak out of the room (which rarely worked). I’d sing to them when they’d have their milk at bedtime or when they were sick or upset. Singing seemed to work nicely to calm them down.

During the day I sing with the kids with my iPhone as our background music. Any song is possible. As the boys get older, they have developed their own taste in music & make requests. We all sing & dance around the kitchen together to Uptown Funk or the days top choice playing on repeat.

Do you sing to your kids? I’d love to know if you sing traditional lullabies or pop songs or maybe a mix of both like me? What is your favourite song(s) to sing to or with your kiddies? Let me know in the comments! x

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