Attracting Positivity In The New Year

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Positive energy and vibes are out there, and you can bring more and more of them to your door. Depending on your thoughts and actions, you can invite a lot more positivity into your life, you just need to be aware of it! 

Of course, joy comes from within, but with the new year on hand, let’s make sure you’re setting up just right to bring more positivity, love, and light into your life. So, here are a few little things to think about for January; you can be the change you want to see in the world!

Know Who’s Looking Out For You

In a physical sense, the people in your life who love and care for you. People like friends and family; if they’re positive, warming influences in your life, be sure to reach out for them right now, and spend some time with them. Even just dropping a message to an old friend you still love and remember fondly, but haven’t spoken to in a while, can go a long way to inviting the positive energy you need into your life. 

Of course, in more of a spiritual sense, you could even get in touch with the archangels, and potentially find out which one is looking out for you specifically. Because we all have guardian angels in our lives, and it’s good to know what they want for us and how they work. See what they invite in, and see if that can guide you. 

Have Some Handy Affirmations

The more you can affirm and validate yourself, the less you’re going to look outwardly for it. And that’s key for having a positive outlook on life – if you’re feeling happy inside, and you know you can care for and comfort yourself, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable about the world at large. 

Make sure you can tell yourself some things, first thing in the morning, and have yourself believe them. And if you’re not at a stage where you can feel like you love yourself, you can always start with a bit of self-neutrality. For example, if you’re not too sure about your body, tell yourself you look no better or worse than anyone else, rather than try to compliment yourself, and things will soon start looking up! 

Take a Chance!

Finally, put yourself out there! Let yourself take a chance every now and then, and open yourself up to new experiences. The more and more you push yourself to try something new and have fun with it, the more confident you’ll end up feeling. You’ll have experience under your belt, and you’ll certainly feel a lot wiser than you did before. 

Positivity is something we’re all capable of, and we all can have in life. With a fresh start on the horizon, you can bring more and more of the right love and light into your life, that you may have been missing thus far.

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