August Updates 2020

I hope you have been having a great summer. Here are some updates from my house and some resources and tips that I hope will help you and your family adjust to back to school, in whatever form that takes for you. To note for disclosure: our stay at the Woodlands was discounted and I have been gifted a subscription to Twinkl; my opinions on both are fully my own.

Summer Exploration

We had some lovely family days out this summer to the beach and to the woods. We explored some new areas that I’ve never been to before despite them being so close to home.

We also had an amazing two-night stay at the Woodlands Hotel in Adare. I was hesitant about going away, not knowing what the atmosphere would be. We chose the Woodlands because we stayed there before and I know that there is loads to do at the hotel with plenty of space, without having to go anywhere which seemed ideal for a relaxed weekend away under the current regulations.

The hotel managed the COVID regulations so well, they follow all guidelines while also keeping a casual, relaxed family feeling. One tip is to book everything in advance including lunch, dinner, kids club and pool, as those all require reservations. The hotel was really good and flexible about changing our reservations if need be.

You can see my review from our stay last year here. Differences from our stay last year includes that the bistro and organic restaurant are both closed and all meals are served in their large function room. The room is beautifully decorated because they use it for weddings and it’s a big space so the tables are able to be spaced appropriately. And, breakfast is table service instead of a buffet.

Our stay was very relaxing with delicious food and that same genuine, welcoming family vibe that the Woodlands is known for. This trip we got to meet the organic gardener and beekeeper which was really fun and he shared a lot of his knowledge with us. If you follow me on Instagram, you can see more of our trip on my Adare highlight.

New Website Design

Cuddle Fairy is done with her makeover and I’d love for you to have a look around the site. It has a fresh new look with three distinct categories – energy, mindset and lifestyle.

I have updated the homepage, added new energetic pages, menus and services. I feel like it finally is a reflection of the whole me. It’s taken me years to feel comfortable with putting myself out there and it hasn’t been one big jump. It’s been a lot so little ones, crossing over fear bridges to get to the other side.

I am offering options for one on one sessions for energy healing, readings and coaching and have pricing up on the site now. If you have any questions on anything pop me an email and I can assist you in choosing the service that would work best for you.

I’ve had amazing feedback on my energy services and bracelets. In these stressful times, looking after your energetic body has really positive benefits to the mind, emotions and physical body too.

Top 60 Spiritual Influencers

I had a super pleasant surprise in being listed in Feedspot’s Top 60 Spiritual Instagram Influencers list. After spending the past 5 years in the parenting / lifestyle category it was a big deal for me to make the switch over on my Instagram page.

Being recognised on this list alongside spiritual influencers who I follow and admire is a real honour for me and has boosted my confidence.

Twinkl Resources

The summer feels like it has flown by at speed with back to school just around the corner now. With new regulations and restrictions in place every few days, back to school feels uncomfortable and quite uncertain. Those feelings seem to be shared worldwide as we all navigate the unknown in our own ways.

Twinkl was a huge benefit to us during lockdown for resources for the kids as they provided a free subscription for parents. Also, they focused on wellbeing during the school closure period and have a range of resources for both students and teachers to help support wellbeing and manage stress and promote self-care.

Twinkl has an e-book called In it Together which is aimed at helping young children return to school and readjust to the classroom. It’s worth taking a look at their resources, we are finding them very helpful.

Staying Present

With things so incredibly uncertain right now, there has never been a better time to exercise staying present. It’s not something you can do all day or would even want to try and do all day. Our focus on the past or future has a purpose but it’s not healthy to allow our thoughts to dwell in these places all of the time.

By redirecting our mind to what we are doing right now in the present moment, we are training ourselves to stop the worry energy cycle associated with focusing on the past or future. Our emotions go right along with our thoughts into feelings of fear and stress when our thoughts drift to past or future concerns.

So when we bring our thoughts to the present and fully connect with the Now moment we are in, we can feel the fullness of the emotions that we have right now. For more on this, read my post about staying in the present moment. 

I hope you have had an excellent summer. Let me know in the comments about how things are going for you. Sending you much love xx

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