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Finding Your Voice Course – Video Introduction

Hey guys, my Finding Your Voice course starts on Wednesday! WooHoo! I have put together a video that explains my history with positive thinking and what this course is all about! If you are feeling unhappy or uneasy with your thoughts and feelings or feel that you...

Introducing #PositivityCorner

I have some exciting news to share with you today! I started a new hashtag on Twitter, #PositivityCorner, which has is running every Monday evening from 9 to 10 British / Irish standard time! It has received a massive response, much more than I had ever imaged. Each...

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PROMiXX iX-R Review

*sponsored by PROMiXX Instagram followers know that I have started circuit training twice a week and am really loving it. It's tough going but so rewarding to be back into an exercise routine that works for me. Protein like eggs or a shake is ideal for after training...

Revolutionizing School Lunches with EatWell-UK

I can't believe we are a month into school already! We are back to routine and with that comes making school lunches. School lunches have never been a highlight for me or the kids being honest. They get fed up of eating sandwiches and I get fed up of making them. We...

The Big Holiday Reveal….get all the details!!

Oh I'm sooooo excited to finally be writing this blog post! As I've hinted here and there, we are off on a family holiday NEXT WEEK! WooHoo! And now I finally get to tell you where we are going!! This holiday is a blog collaboration. That means that the hotel is...

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